02 June 2020

In These Days when the whole human9ty is in the grip of Covid-19 pandemic, we remember how relevant was the warnings of Stephen Hawking, a great scientist and philosopher, in his last interview before death last year. According to him, the arrogant attitude of the political class he saw around him shall lead the intensifying ecological destruction to a catastrophe, to possible destruction of this species itself. But the capitalist-imperialist system which has succeeded to lead the re-creation of the whole world in its own image to its highest stage under aggressive neoliberal globalization during last four decades, boasting about reducing the world in to a globalized village with digitalization and utilization of intelligent machines reaching  commanding heights. They were happy about the accumulation of most of the wealth of the society and nature with the top 1%, about development of the most advanced weapons including nuclear weaponry capable of destroying this earth a hundred times, and the great cities with glittering malls, highways and techno parks they have developed. They were laughing at all suggestions that climate change, global warming like phenomena are manifestations of the ecological destruction caused by their brand of development, shall lead to global environmental catastrophe.

So, it was not surprising if Trump walked out of Kyoto Protocol, or last year, all imperialist leaders and junior partners assembled at Madrid almost dumped the talk about environmental dangers as rubbish propagated by ecological fundamentalists!  At the same time, in order to pacify the masses who were suffering under ever-intensifying climate change and global warming which had started all fields of life, all governments have their ministries of environment, not for protecting environment, but to find way outs to help the loot of what is left of the natural resources

But Covid19 threat has shattered the globalized world, forcing everyone to their corners, with continuous reminders of the need for body distancing, repeated hand washing, against touching your face with your hand, etc. What happened? Is nature finding out ways to wipe out a species which was claiming to have conquered it, how the SARS break out in 2003, MERS in 2012 and now more dangerous novel corona virus which spreads very fast are different from earlier pandemics in long human recorded history of five or more millennia, can  earlier viruses can mutate  under increasing climate change and paralyzing the humans, are the scientists who have warned against the appearance of more dangerous viruses which were dormant for many millennis with the breaking of the huge glazier in both poles under global warming correct etc were coming under for few days even in mainstream media.

But, as what is happening in China soon after it partially recovered from the Covid19 pandemic, and what we are seeing in US and almost all other countries including India, shows that the capitalist chieftons and their partners everywhere in power have once again pooh-poohed all these talks as happened with the SARS virus in 2003, MERS in 2012, or when super cyclone Amphan like serious natural calamities becoming very frequent, or when environmentalists put forward the dangers inherent in the devastating development policies they are pursuing, and have gone back to business as usual after impatiently waiting for the end of the lockdowns and even before any effective vaccines and medicines to control Covid19 are developed or the Covid spread in their countries are brought under control, Trump like neo-fascists are showing the way and still continue to lord over the working class and the oppressed people again, with all incentives from the state going to the corporate houses and elite classes, while the whole burden of the pandemic is being thrown to the backs of the masses once again as we are witnessing all around us. The bourgeois intellectuals may even claim it as another end of history!

Our Party Program points out (Chapter 2, first para)” …during this period (after 1947 transfer of power when our country came under neo-colonial domination), especially after the crisis of the 1970s, with the mad rush for exploitation of natural and human resources utilizing the unprecedented 

technological advances under the imperialist perspective of development, ever- intensifying ecological devastation has started becoming a major factor both at the international and the national level. It has given rise to a new, fifth major contradiction, at both international and national levels, the contradiction between capital and nature, along with the other four major contradictions…”, applying Marxist teachings to our concrete situation.

“3.7 Under neo-colonization, due to the policies implemented in the name of development which actually serve the interests of imperialists and their lackeys, ecological devastation has become an ever intensifying factor… 'Global warming' like phenomena and the nuclear catastrophe created by the nuclear arms race, existing nuclear plants which are 'nuclear time bombs' as once again proved by the meltdown of Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. Refusing to learn from the intensification of the contradictions with Pakistan following the nuclear arms race started by it from Pokhran nuclear blast, presently Indian government has signed the nuclear agreement with the US imperialists, further surrendering whatever sovereignty the country had. The construction of new nuclear plants under imperialist dictates threatens further environmental disaster. The imperialists are dumping industrial and nuclear waste in countries like India. All these developments have made the struggle for ecological protection one of the basic components of social progress”

Again, while explaining the program of PDR, it is stated: “6.16 Based on the understanding that the contradiction between capital and nature has become a major contradiction at both national and international level, concrete plans should be worked out to protect environment and to develop the perspective on development taking this important question in to consideration”.

History teaches that, just because its barbarous character is more exposed, just because the vast masses of people are facing more brutal plunder and oppression, the ruling system is not going to change on its own will. As pointed out above, this truth based on facts is once again glaringly exposed before us, from the mad rush towards starting economic activities even when the burden of fighting against the pandemic is also almost thrown to the back of the people The only way out before the working class and all oppressed classes and sections, not only for putting an end to the present inhuman social system, but also for reversing the process of intensification of ecological catastrophe to save the human species from its extinction, is to overthrow the global capitalist imperialist system and its junior partners everywhere. Only through the accomplishment of this task, the working class and oppressed people can advance towards the only alternative before them, socialism according to present concrete conditions, to achieve a society without exploitation and based on people’s democracy

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Kabeer Katlat

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.