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05 October 2020

It Was the farmers from Punjab followed by Haryana and in some other areas who started coming out in the streets opposing the three ordinances issued by Modi government for wholesale corporatization of agriculture, by the government agencies getting closed down and corporates given full control, which the farmers know the end of MSPs of important products also. As the ordinances are hastily turned in to acts in the monsoon session of parliament, farmers’ movement is gaining strength, demanding to scrap them. It is bound to spread from Punjab and Haryana to other states. It has forced the SAD minister to resign from cabinet and SAD from NDA.

On 5th September, at 5 minutes after 5pm, thousands of youth and students came out in the streets of UP and Bihar towns mainly clanging the plates demanding employment, not speeches! Following social media calls in many More places they came out on 9th September, at 9pm for 9 minutes, switching off electric lights and burning candles, demanding employment, not speeches! Now on 17th September, when the RSS parivar is celebrating 70th birthday of fascist Modi, ridiculing him once again, the youth and students have come out observing this day as “National Unemployment Day”.

The resistance and fight back is just starting. The rumblings can be heard. When Modi and his ministers talk about vaccines from which imperialist countries, but not about free testing, treatment for  the millions of Covid19  patients, and not for food, jobs for the tens of millions, when thousands of children die for want of food, when the number of students, unemployed youth and starving families committing suicides are increasing, the fascist terror unleashed by the corporate fascist Modi government, however barbarous it may be, cannot to stop the masses from rebelling and come out. Let us challenge the RSS fascism, its majoritarian Hindutva Manuvadi ideology in the service of imperialism, and join hands with the people’s movements!

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