05 October 2020

The students and youth in UP and Bihar have come out on the streets spontaneously using social media contacts taking very good initiative, finding out new methods of campaign to highlight the plight of unemployed millions.  There are large numbers of youth who had passed the central and state competitive examinations in 2017 and 18 who are not employed yet. No competitive exams are held so far in 2020. Those who were offered placements from campus interviews are also mostly not employed. As there was a huge number of unemployed already, the pandemic has worsened the situation. Neither central nor state governments are coming out with any proposals or promises about employment or unemployment allowances to those not getting jobs. It is in this situation, after establishing contacts through tweets before the Teacher’ Day on 5th September, tens of thousands of students came out in the streets at large number of cities including University centres like Varanasi and Aligarh with the banner “Students against Unemployment” on 5th September at 5 minutes past 5 pm, clapping hands, clanging plates and ringing bells, in Modi style!. Though the mainstream media mostly refused to report, through social media this campaign has become viral.

It was a good beginning. It will definitely encourage to spread to more contacts, to more areas. Such initiatives shall help to spread the campaign countrywide also, giving rise to new forms of mass protests and struggles. On 5th they raised the slogan: “Modi, Provide Employment, or Quit” They were exposing Modi’s total failure to provide jobs, even while destroying the existing jobs massively. They used the same form of action Modi used on 22nd March Janata Curfew called by Modi to confuse and terrify people using Covid19 as a weapon!

“Students and Youth against Unemployment” then called on the students and youth to come out on the streets or protest before their houses switching off the lights on 9th September at 9pm for 9minutes, lighting candles and mobile lights, again using the form of action Modi used to saffronize and terrify people using Covid19 as a cover. Modi is challenged and exposed in his own style!  On 17thSeptember, when the RSS parivar was celebrating the birthday of Modi, the youth came out again on the streets with the banner “All India Unemployment Day” This spontaneous mobilization of students and youth calls for support by all organizations working among the students and youth.

CPI(ML) Red Star,  many progressive secular forces, and mass organizations  opposing Modi’s corporate fascist rule supported the students and youth and joined them at 9pm on 9th September, switching of lights and lighting candles.  We can use social media extensively, support it, appeal to people to join it. It is a good beginning, make it as much successful as possible. It is one way to give momentum to resistance against Modi fascism

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Kabeer Katlat

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.