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Bihar Elections: Defeat BJP led Alliance!

05 October 2020

In the Bihar elections, it is reported that the Left Front parties, CPI and CPI(M) are given 10 and Liberation 19, total 29 seats, and the RID-Congress Alliance has concluded seats division. Unlike last LS and Assembly elections, when the alliance talks with the social democratic parties had failed it had benefitted the RSS Neo-Fascist forces. But this time they have overcome the seats division hurdle. Congratulations.


Meanwhile, the constituent of Revolutionary Left Coordination (RLC), CPI(ML) PRC based on its manifesto and the Common Program for People’s Alternative of the RLC shall organize a state level campaign propagating the program, and calling on the people to defeat BJP led Alliance which serves RSS Neo-Fascism, presently the main danger before the people. It may contest one or two seats where it has some mass base. The RLC shall issue joint call to the people to defeat BJP led Alliance, and it has called on all the CR forces who are critical of the Social Democratic forces and who wants to mobilize the people for people’s Alternative to loin it.

Kabeer Katlat

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