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09 August 2017
THE choice of Ram Nath Kovind a dalit leader and long-time associate of Sangh Parivar and former president of BJP’s SC/ST morcha as the presidential candidate aimed at breaking ‘opposition unity’ has put the entire parliamentary opposition in a vulnerable situation of opposing a dalit. It is only the latest in the line of post-truth political experiments practiced by the RSS led Modi regime.

Preaching patriotism from roof-tops on the one hand and acting as compradors to imperialist capital and selling-out the very structural foundations of the national economy to foreign-corporate capital on the other, propping up the corporate black money holders on the one hand and imposing demonetization in the guise of attacking black money on the other, transforming India as world’s biggest beef exporter through corporatized and mechanized cattle-slaughter farms led by Hindutva associates on the one hand and banning decentralized and unorganized cattle trade and slaughtering which form the livelihood of common people on the other, marketing GST in the name of national integration on the one hand and using the same for destroying country’s federal structure which is the basis of national unity on the other, etc., are the series of post-truth political practices cunningly implemented by the Modi regime over time.

It is a fact that while Kovind was installed as Bihar governor and during his governorship, upper caste-goons were committing worst-ever atrocities on dalits there. If elected as a dalit occupant in the Rashtrapati Bhavan, like his predecessor KR Narayanan, he will remain as another show case and an amenable tool for RSS, which still espouses Manusmriti to subvert the constitutional process.

By this 'masterstroke', Modi-Shah combine aims to regiment the simmering discontent of the dalits all over the country, while successfully putting the entire parliamentary opposition that does not have any ideological clarity or policy alternative once again in to disarray.

James PJ 
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