09 August 2017
TRUMP’S announcement of the withdrawal of US, world’s largest carbon polluter, from the Paris Climate Agreement which itself has been a window-dressing in view of the urgent need for more bold and concerted efforts on the part of nations to overcome the environmental catastrophe facing the planet, is highly deplorable. It is heart-warming to see that all the 195 countries signed the agreement are standing united against this utterly criminal decision by a rogue president of a rogue state which to this day has implemented none of the climate agreements unanimously signed by the comity of nations including the much talked about Kyoto Protocol. It is high time that all like-minded countries together with progressive forces the world over take initiative for taking more meaningful decisions for resolving the threats emanating from climate change which is the direct outcome of the development paradigm led by corporate profit motive today.

However, it is revealing to note that, in spite of issuing statement for continuing with the Paris Accord, the Modi regime has refrained from joining with the comity of nations condemning the US decision, that too when Trump has vehemently attacked India characterizing it as one of the biggest carbon emitters while India’s per capita carbon emission is just one-tenth of that of the US.

The Central Committee, CPI(ML) Red Star appeals to all, all progressive-democratic forces, environmental activists including the scientific community to resolutely come forward condemning this US decision and join together to bring about more meaningful steps to resolve the ever intensifying environmental crisis confronting planet earth. 
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