Venezuela: Trump’s Unvarnished Threat

03 September 2017
PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s great value to US foreign policy is his lack of artifice and sophistication. He is ugliness without a veil, the brute promise without gloss. His threats against President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela were impudent enough to garner resistance from Latin American leaders averse to Washington’s heavily intrusive hand. The result of Trump’s stance has been one of unifying the bloc, not dividing.

Colombia’s Juan Manuel Santos warned Vice President Mike Pence that, “The possibility of military intervention shouldn’t even be considered.” The vantage point from analysts in the US is that Maduro has got to go (the default position of Washington tends be interference – the only issue amongst the scalpel holders is how the program might be implemented). This has been the position since he assumed power, enshrining a long held position that Venezuela is perfectly entitled to have any government as long as it sings the lullaby of American empire.

Since 1990s US was concerned about the trajectory of Venezuelan politics. The Bush administration was so stirred by Chávez’s achievements that it sought his ouster in 2002 in the name of “democracy promotion”. There are US document awash with calculations and not-so-hidden agendas, the dirty asides suggesting that democracy is only good if it is managed from the outside under US. But, Trump is forthright. He is not interested in the subterfuge of US aid that chips away at a foreign government, the softly softy approach to discrediting an opponent. Rather than undermining the state using the more conventional techniques in the CIA armoury, the dissimulative practices of US Aid, or mere economic punishments through sanctions, he has suggested calling in the marines. Thus with Trump leading US, its policy is drastically changing creating conditiond of open US military intervention in more countries. 
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