On the Question of Political Alternative in West Bengal

03 September 2017
IN the contemporary political situation in Bengal a cry for political alternative radically different from the ruling class parties is developing among major section of revolutionary and democratic forces. Those who are not belonging to any faction of the revolutionary camp are also seeking this. This feeling has been created particularly after Bhangar movement. Actually, though Bhangar movement is a mass movement, it has a political appeal. This movement has again brought the question of land grabbing and it is simultaneously challenging the development paradigm of the ruling class. Compatibly with this, a chance to build a political alternative exists in the present West Bengal political scenario. Now it is not possible to form a political alternative only with the initiative of communist revolutionary forces. Though a major section of Communist Revolutionary forces have come together to support Bhangar movement still the situation is not ripe still to unite them within a single party. Our party has to unite with other forces of the communist revolutionaries to fulfill this task.

The Bhangar movement has also created a new situation where a broader section of democratic forces, individuals have also come forward to support it. Their understanding is also not confined within the Bhangar movement. But they also seek a political alternative which can fight against all the ruling class parties.

General situation in this state is very very ominous. Govt. is adamant to curb even all existing democratic rights. After Bhangar movement, the TMC government is bent upon vanquishing it. Now a situation has emerged that the principal enemy of the Govt. is the Bhangar movement. To crush it they are doing anything and everything. It has created a situation when even some of the ruling class opposition have also come out on the streets in favour of it.

The Bhangar situation is in general good in spite of the latest thrust by the TMC government against it. Now government is trying to crush the movement with brutal anti-social forces. Though there is a warlike situation, people are not ready to bow down to these anti social forces. To some extent they were compelled to retreat. We have to prepare according to the needs in every manner. Now we are preparing the villages to protect themselves at the same time all legal measures have been taken up. As a result, almost all comrades have come out on bail. They include all leading comrades of the Bhangar Committee, party leaders Comrades Pradip Singh Thakur, Sankar Das and Sunit Pal as well as com Kushal Devanth of MKP, against all of whom UAPA is charged.

In the warlike situation people are encircled by police and anti social forces still. That is the major problem of this movement. A big section of the people is dependent on working to the adjacent area. Police is restricting that. The shopkeepers who have shops outside the area cannot open their shops. In this situation people cannot donate for the movement. That is another problem. Some of organisations are helping. But the requirement is so much that it cannot be satisfied. So raising a big fund is necessary to protect the movement. At the same time our state level and all India campaign should be strengthened. The situation demand strengthening of the Jomi Jibika Bastutantra O Poribesh Raksha Committee and strengthening of the solidarity activities at all levels. It also calls for political initiative to force the government for scrapping the project and to end all suppressive policies.
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.