Bhangar Movement Proves Its Mass Support Again

04 June 2018
NEITHER the violence unleashed by Arabul Islam’s TMC goons supported by the police, their attacks till the counting hours, nor the great loss to the movement with the martyrdom of Com. Hafizul Molla on 11th May when the election rally he was participating was attacked deter the struggling masses of Bhangar to win great victory in the five seats of Polarhat II and in two seats in nearby panchayat of Northh 24 Parganas where people could exercise their franchise. It is a great victory by the People’s Committee for Protection of Land, Livelihood, Ecology and Environment, once again showing the extensive mass support this two year long mass resistance movement has.

In spite of orders from the Supreme Court and Kolkata High Court to the W. Bengal government and to the State Election Commission to hold the elections to the local bodies on 14th May in a peaceful democratic atmosphere, on 11th May afternoon an election rally of hundreds of people organized by the Bhangar Committee for Protection of Land, Livelihood and Environment was attacked by the goons of TMC leader Arabul Islam with bombs and guns. A bullet hit 26 year old comrade of Machibhanga village, Hafizul Mollah, killing him. Many were injured. Attacks on the villagers continued with the support of police. Earlier in April when the candidates of the Committee went to the BDO office with party leaders, they were attacked in front of police and BDO by the goons and prevented from giving nominations. Comrades Sankar, Amitabh, Biswajit and Ratul who were taken in to custody on that day are still in jail. Later, under orders of the High Court when they went to DM’s office at Alipore in Kolkata with com. Sharmistha to submit nominations, again they were attacked and abducted foiling the submission of nomination papers. It was in this situation nine of the Bhangar candidates were allowed to submit nomination by Whatsapp. Now violating court orders even the campaign rally was attacked killing Hafizul Molla and injuring many. It is reign of terror in W. Bengal under Mamta government.

In this situation a massive protest rally was organized at Kolkata on 12th May demanding the arrest of Arabul Islam and his gangsters, along with demanding democratic rights for campaigning for and voting in the elections. At Bhangar the villagers organized blockade with the body of martyr comrade demanding Arabul’s arrest. Under pressure by midnight he was arrested. But his son and other gang members were still not arrested; they continued to terrorize the villagers

The CPI(ML) Red Star Central Committee appealed to all left and democratic and fraternal forces to organize protest actions wherever possible with these demands and in solidarity with the ongoing people’s resistance movement of Bhangar from November, 2016, against the Power Grid Line Project. It has called for extending militant solidarity and all possible assistance to Bhangar Committee, to the valiant people of Bhangar who are continuing the 20 months old people’s resistance against the reign of terror by the TMC goons with the naked support of Mamta government with the slogans Red Salute to martyr comrade Hafizul Mollah! Down, Down Mamta Government! Arrest all gangsters of Arabul Islam gang! Ensure democratic atmosphere for campaigning and voting for local body elections! Red Salute to the valiant people of Bhangar!

On 14th May all over the state violence was unleashed by the TMC goons with police help. The TMC goons captured three of the booths including the two where Arabul and his son were contesting, where elections were taking place with police support and prevented villagers from voting. Candidates and their agents were thrown out. In the other 8 booths of Polarhat II panchayat as candidates of the Committee were not allowed to give nominations, the TMC is claiming that their candidates are unopposed like the other 35% seats all over the state. The SC has stopped the SEC from declaring the result of these seats. On 14th May the state witnessed large scale violence with more than 20 people of different parties getting killed and hundreds getting injured. On 15th May the supporters of Bhangar Committee organized a rally towards the SEC office, still re-polling was not ordered in the three booths captured by TMC.

On 17th May when counting was started a criminal situation was created so that the candidates agents cannot attend. Intellectuals gone there on behalf of committee were not allowed. In spite of that Bhangar candidates won with more than 90% votes. 
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