Great Victory of Bhangar Movement

04 June 2018
WHEN the results were announced it marked a great victory for the people of Bhangar! In Polarhat II Gram Panchayat, in five out of 8 seats where the elections took place normally, the Bhangar Committee candidates won with overwhelming majority. Supreme Court has stayed the declaration of the results of 8 out of 16 seats where the TMC candidates are unopposed as the Bhangar Committee candidates were prevented from giving nomination. In the 8 seats where polling started on 14th May, in 3 seats polling booths where captured by TMC goons and the candidates and agents of the Committee were attacked and injured. The Committee is approaching the High Court for re-polling in the 11 out of total 16 seats.

That the Bhangar Committee candidates won all the five seats in Polarhat II and nearby two seats where normal polling took place is a great victory of the struggling people of Bhangar. It expresses the democratic verdict of the people after such a lot of sacrifice during the twenty months long people’s resistance struggle for the protection of land, livelihood and environment. This great struggle, including the martyrdom of the three comrades, Alamgir, Mofizul and Hafizul has inspired all struggling left and democratic forces. Red Salute to all martyr comrades and the thousands of comrades who suffered much during this struggle!

Following are the names of the five victorious candidates of Polarhat II Gram Panchayat fielded by the Bhangar Committee: 1). Jahanara Bibi, 2) Chhalewara Bibi, 3) Azizul Molla, 4) Md. Fariduddin Molla, 5) Israfil Molla. They won getting more than 90% of the polled votes reflecting the over whelming support the Bhangar Movement has from the people. 
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