Intensify Campaign to Force Scrapping of Land Acquisition Bill

18 April 2015
TheLand Acquisition Bill brought before the parliament by the Modi government is a blatant attack on the peasantry to serve the interests of the corporate forces. If the UPA government had to dilute many provisions of its move for land acquisition under pressure from mounting people's struggles, in spite of ever increasing opposition within and outside the parliament, the Modi government is trying hard to get it passed at any cost. This blatant attack on the peasantry including the agricultural workers and the food security of the country should be resisted and defeated.

It is in this context the Central Committee meeting of the CPI (ML) Red Star has called on all party committees to organize a vigorous campaign from 8th April to 15th April in a decentralized manner wherever possible against this barbarous attack, culminating with marches to central government offices with the slogan: Scrap land Acquisition Bill. When the Modi government is ready to go to any extent to enact this draconian measure, it is our task to join with all like-minded forces and intensify this movement so that this reactionary government will not be able to move forward with it
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