CPI (ML) Red Star CC's Call: Launch Countrywide Movement against Intensifying Corporate Raj, Communalisation and Autocratic Attacks

30 July 2015
WITH the Modi government in its second year, the corporate lobby supported by the imperialist forces is demanding further speeding up of the ‘reforms’. Pointing at the continuous fall of the share market, the corporate media is repeating its frenzied calls for further opening up of the economy and eliminating what is left of the public sector. Like the cabinet decision to sell more shares of NTPC and ONGC, more hectic liberalization moves are on the anvil. The agreements signed by Modi during his many foreign trips including the one to China show that in the name Make in India the economy and market will be opened further. More attacks on what is left of the former welfare policies can be expected soon. Along with this, the RSS Parivar is intensifying its saffronization drive, imposing Brahmanical values in all fields. Also, the state is being made more autocratic with more restrictions being imposed on democratic rights.

But, except for focusing attacks on the ‘Land Acquisition Bill’ and other soft issues to attack the Modi regime, the mainstream opposition is helping the implementation of the neo-liberal policies, as is evident from what is happening in parliament. This is bound to happen as the present NDA’s policies are basically not different from those of the UPA regime, except for replacing communal appeasement of the Congress with open saffronization by RSS Parivar. The bureaucracy, judiciary etc. have adjusted very fast to the NDA rule.

Contrary to its election time rhetoric, under Modi government, prices of essential commodities are increasing, corruption is as rampant as ever and attacks on the toiling masses are increasing at a maddening pace. It is evident that in spite of anti-Modi calls, Congress and other ruling class parties including the regional parties are not ready to take up any serious struggles on the streets. They are, in the main, focusing on anti-communal rhetoric only to corner the Modi regime. As far as neo-liberal policies are concerned, the CPI(M) led Left Front is also not ready to reject them and advocate an alternate developmental paradigm.

In this situation the Central Committee meeting of the CPI(ML) Red Star held at Bangalore from 28th to 30th June has called on all party committees to take up people’s issues and come out on the streets to wage uncompromising struggle against Modi raj at centre and the rule of rightist forces in the states. It calls on the struggling left and democratic forces to unite on the basis of a common minimum program and launch vigorous countrywide movements against corporate raj and communalization and in the interest of the toiling masses, of all oppressed classes and sections.
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.