Support Struggle of Ex-Servicemen for ‘One Rank One Pension’

30 July 2015
THE consecutive central governments continues to drag its feet over the ‘One rank one pension’ demand which is fast turning into a major rallying point for the many millions of ex-servicemen all over the country. The ruling BJP had included it in its 2014 election manifesto with an eye to woo the military personnel. However, since coming to power the Modi government is trying to sweep this issue under the carpet. The previous UPA regime too had turned a deaf ear to this demand.

The irrationality of present regulations can be gauged from the fact that someone who retired in 1996 is eligible to 53% less pension than someone who retired after 2006. Such anomalies are not accidental but a result of the money grubbing attitude of a government that looks upon every welfare measure as a useless expenditure and reserves its largesse solely for big business. At a time when the existing welfare institutions and social security network in general are fast being dismantled, denying legitimate pension claims to retired service personnel is nothing less than criminal negligence of their right to live.

The Central Committee of the CPI (ML) Red Star in its meeting has wholeheartedly supported the demand of the ex-servicemen. It has called on all party committees to support this struggle at all India level in the context when the ex-servicemen’s organization is preparing to spread the struggle to all states.
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