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Strengthen Caste Annihilation Movement

30 July 2015
NOT a day passes in this vast country without reports of increasing brutal attacks on dalits, including rapes and murders of socially deprived and oppressed sections. The administration, the police and the judiciary along with the top political leaderships are as Brahmanical as ever. They scornfully treat these attacks and often allow those who perpetuate them to escape. Even Khap Panchayats like ‘reactionary institutions’ are allowed to function challenging even existing provisions of the Constitution. Though reservation for dalits and adivasis are allowed in Panchayat Raj institutions, they are often violated. Even after so many decades, the provisions of reservation for SC/ ST sections are often violated with immunity. The neo-liberal policies have worsened the plight of socially backward sections, economically also. In short the society is still under the dictates of Manu Smriti, as divided as ever on caste basis, with the down trodden sections increasingly denied basic human rights. It has made any talk of automatic or peaceful evolution to a caste free society meaningless. The calls for caste annihilation raised during the centuries long renaissance movements, and the 1936 call of Dr. Ambedkar, is more relevant today than ever.

When the ruling system strengthens Brahmanical values and oppress the dalits, none of the major ruling class parties give any importance to this question. Instead the caste based vote bank politics is promoted using reservation as a bait. All the elite sections among the dalits have become votaries of ‘identity politics’ promoted by imperialist think tanks. They join the ruling class parties and regional parties to give sanctity to vote bank politics. Even many of those who eulogize Dr. Ambedkar, do not give emphasis to his caste annihilation call. The mainstream left parties, counter-posing class to caste, do not go beyond opposing caste based atrocities. All of them refuse to recognize that after so-many decades of caste based vote bank politics, identity politics and reformist exhortations the casteist oppression has not lessened, but has only intensified in newer forms.

The CPI (ML) Red Star has taken up caste annihilation as an integral part of class struggle. It has joined with like-minded forces to launch the Caste Annihilation Movement. It is striving to intensify ideological. political campaigns to spread this message, to win over the large number of organizations active all over India who uphold this stand and to develop various social activities and campaigns for annihilation of the caste system. It is in this context, the Central Committee of the party appeals to all secular democratic forces to make the Third All India Conference of the CAM at Raipur on 31st Octo-1st November a great step towards advancing caste annihilation.
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