What CBI Can Do in Vyapam Case?

30 July 2015
VYAPAM case in MP is one of the biggest scams in post-1947 Indian history. It is continuing for years playing with the future of millions of examines involving the education department, concerned ministries, political leaderships, bureaucrats up to the governor, police, judiciary and many others, all of whom had benefitted immensely from it. When the scam started getting exposed, first there were efforts to scuttle any investigation, then lot of time was spent by police which destroyed evidences instead of advancing investigation, then with suspicious intentions the High Court employing a questionable SIT to investigate for months under its guidance, meanwhile as reported 48 witnesses and some linked with accused persons losing life in suspicious circumstances. After all these conscious efforts to sabotage the investigation, now the Supreme Court has asked CBI to take over the investigation under its supervision. When we have the experience of what happened in Gujarat after the SC appointed SIT took over investigation under its supervision which helped all the accused including Narendra Modi to escape from all charges, in the present situation when Modi government is ruling at Delhi and CBI has the reputation of obediently serving the government in power at Delhi, what can one expect from such a belated investigation in to the activities of a BJP government in the state? Vyapam has once again exposed the whole ruling system whether at central level or in the states. Only if people come out on the streets and unleash their fury, the administration will bother at least to open its dirty mouth.
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