Indo-Pak Relations: Who Sabotage All Initiatives to Improve It?

30 July 2015
EVEN all those who have basic differences with Narendra Modi on all important issues had welcomed the news that following his informal talk with the prime minister of Pakistan, the disrupted dialogue between the two countries is going to be resumed soon. This is especially so since the Sangh parivar was always in the forefront to sabotage all normalization of relation between the two neighbours. When the Vajpayee government was about to sign important agreements with then Pak. President, the RSS had succeeded to sabotage it. So any effort on the side of a BJP government to resume talks had evoked lots of curiosity and interest.

But knowledgeable sections, quoting past experiences when the Congress governments took such initiatives, and even when Modi talked about border talks with China, had pointed out that it is doubtful whether this initiative will be allowed by vested interests to proceed. Within a week all their apprehensions were again proved correct. The Indian military, bureaucracy, RAW like intelligence agencies and corporate media in the service of US led imperialist centres, supported by comprador leaders of BJP and Congress have almost sabotaged this initiative, like they had sabotaged the Indo-China talks, instantly provoking military skirmishes on borders, which surprisingly stop once the talks are cancelled.

Now soon after Modi’s announcement, the very same scenario was repeated. The border became alive with bloody skirmishes. Provocative statements were issued by military spokespersons. Media is active in creating provocative reports. Pro-active actions across the borders are planned by RAW and other agencies. What was happening from 1947 is repeated. Conditions are created to postpone the talks, or even if it takes place, to reduce it to mere formalities.

So, while all progressive forces should welcome whatever initiative takes place from both sides to break the present stalemate, as CPI(ML) Red Star has repeatedly stated any meaningful dialogue and normalization of relations can take place only if Indian government accepts the right of self determination of the Kashmiri people. Once this is done the division of Kashmir will come to an end, and the international border can be redrawn on agreed upon lines.

Such a step will help to withdraw the military from J&K and the borders, and to drastically reduce defense expenditures. It will increase manifold the trade and other relations with Pakistan and energize SAARC as a platform to help the progress of the South Asian region. It will help to lessen the communal divide among the people and develop people to people relations in this region. All those who are against such a development, mainly the US led forces, the military bosses, bureaucrats, arms dealers and the reactionary political leaderships on both side shall go to any extent to sabotage even nominal moves like the one made by Modi. Only a government with the will power to face them can carry forward the dialogue. Otherwise, all talks of resumption of talks by Modi and similar leaders get reduced to gimmicks to fool the people.
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