Fight, Defeat Modi Government’s Attacks on Working Class

29 August 2015

The attacks on the wages and rights of the working class had intensified unprecedentedly under neo-liberal policies. Now under the Modi government these attacks are reaching a peak. If the existing labour laws promulgated as a result of strenuous struggles by the working class had not been thoroughly implemented so far, now the Modi regime plans to write them off altogether. Contract and casual labour system, casualisation and hire and fire are being imposed in all fields. With the cutting down of all welfare measures and increasing unemployment, the toiling masses are impoverished and facing barbarous oppression. For them the observation of expensive independence days crowned with bombastic speeches by Modi under tight security arrangements is meaningless. In fact independence is turned into increasing slavery to corporate raj.

It is in this situation that 11 trade union centres of the country have come together to call an all-India general strike on 2nd September against the anti-worker offensive by the Modi government. Although all past experience has shown that it is these very trade union centres and unions affiliated to them that have alienated the working class from struggle over the years, that the political parties to which these trade union centres are associated are the ones who strenuously try to implement neo-liberal and all kinds of anti-worker policies when in government at the centre or the states, yet the fact remains that they have now been compelled to call a general strike, due to the pressure of the masses of workers, against the Modi government’s onslaught on existing rights of workers.

Struggling trade union centres like TUCI, NTUI and IFTU have supported the strike and called on workers to not only make it a success but also to wage a sustained militant struggle against the proposed labour reforms and for the defence and expansion of existing rights.

The CPI(ML) Red Star too calls on all party committees to mobilize militant vigorous campaigns uniting all mass organizations and democratic forces in support of the 2nd September All India General Strike. Let us join with full strength to make this strike a great success.


Resist the Attack on the Labour Rights, the Minimum Wage and Trade Union Rights!

Ensure Safe and Secure Jobs for All!

Ensure Equal Pay for Equal Work!

Win a Minimum Wage of Rs. 15,000 a Month!

Repeal the Land Acquisition Ordinanc


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