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Unite against Corporate Raj, Communalization and Corruption, Struggle for People’s Alternative!

29 August 2015
The washing out of the whole monsoon session of parliament reflects the deep convulsions and contradictions in the bourgeois parliamentary political scene. The pompous declarations from the Red Fort on 15th August by Prime Minister Modi have only further deepened these conflicts among the ruling class parties. They reveal that in spite of all shouting and counter shouting none of them is ready to reject the neo-liberal policies which have led to the present crisis in all fields and to propose an alternative. Their acrimonies, however antagonistic they may appear, are only about who shall dominate or share power in the existing ruling system. None of them calls for a system change and hitherto experience proves that whichever of these parties or combinations of thereof lead the different governments at the centre or in the states, the condition of the masses will go from bad to worse.

It is in this situation that the Party has called on all state committees to organize a vigorous campaign from 9th September and observe 1st October as All India Protest Day with the central slogan: Unite against Corporate Raj, Communalization and Corruption, Struggle for People’s Alternative. At a time when the Modi government and all state governments in line with the central policies are intensifying attacks on the people and, in a sense, competing with each other to open the ground for increasing corporate domination through PPP like policies and indulging in more heinous forms of corruption, the Party state committees should explain the burning issues in different states through a vigorous campaign and by organizing a big mobilizations on 1st October.

State level charter of demands addressed to state governor should be submitted at state headquarters and district headquarters. The whole emphasis should be given on people’s issues and how any basic solution is possible only by transcending the limits of the present bourgeois parliamentary bureaucratic system to the struggle for a revolutionary alternative with a people’s democratic and development perspective. n
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