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30 September 2015
THE Third All India Conference of the Caste Annihilation Movement (CAM), which has been campaigning for a casteless society since the time of its formation in 2013, shall be held at Raipur (Chhattisgarh) on October 31 and November 1. CAM calls for class annihilation to demolish caste divisions and strengthen class unity of the oppressed. At the present critical juncture, when Brahmanical/casteist forces with the backing of the Modi regime promoted by the RSS Parivar is launching aggression in all spheres of social life, imposing its dictates in the fields of ideas, education, culture, dress code and even food codes, this Conference and the campaign for it have great significance. Denial of basic human rights, increasing practices of untouchability, brutal attacks including rapes and murders of dalits and socially deprived sections are mounting alarmingly all over India. With the connivance of the entire administration including police and even judiciary, the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are seldom brought to book. The neoliberal policies are downsizing the public sector, curtailing all welfare spending and attempting to snatch away even the existing reservation available to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. The plight of all socially and economically deprived sections is worsening. Corporatization of agriculture is displacing tens of millions of real tillers of soil, majority of whom are Dalits, from their land and livelihood. As migrant workers they are driven to urban centres, swelling the ranks of slum dwellers.

All ruling class and reformist parties protect the present ruling system and pursue caste-based vote-bank politics. They are not at all concerned with the mounting caste oppression and ascendancy of aggressive Brahmanical values. Postmodernists like identity theorists who have sway among Dalit elites adhere to neoliberal economic policies and espouse caste fundamentalism instead of caste annihilation. They are getting assimilated with the ruling system including the Brahmanical forces.

It is in this context that CAM with its programme of caste annihilation is trying to unite all like-minded secular-democratic sections and progressive intellectuals to make its third All India Conference an important step forward. The state level conferences of CAM already held in Kerala, Chhattisgarh and Delhi/NCR show the increasing interest and participation of many forces, especially Dalit and progressive organizations in the movement. The Conference Organizing Committee has invited both activists and ideologues active against intensifying caste based oppression and supporting the caste annihilation movement to participate in the seminar on October 31 and in the All India Conference on November 1.
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