Observe 7th November, With the Slogan “For Peace, Bread and Democracy”

01 November 2015
IN THE CONTEXT of the present international and Indian developments, the importance of observing the 98th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, popularly known as October Revolution, on 7th November with the slogan “For Peace Bread and Democracy” has great significance. If the Russian Revolution became victorious amidst the pains of the First World War, today the international situation is blood-splattered with barbarous local wars and inter-imperialist and inter-state contradictions sharpening and creating conditions for numerous conflicts in all continents. The amount of modern arms and explosives used, the number of people getting killed, the number of refugees and magnitude of devastation created are all many times more than what was witnessed they were during First or Second World Wars. So the importance for fighting for peace, against imperialist war-mongering, against nuclear arms, against religious fundamentalists of all hues, against divisive communal-caste-race forces have increased manifold. In our country consecutive governments have pursued the policy of subservience to war mongering US imperialists and their allies and interference in the internal affairs of neighbouring countries. It is not prepared to settle J&K question through right of self-determination of Kashmiri people and establish friendly relations with Pakistan. As a result, the military expenditure is mounting and war clouds darken the Indian borders.

The development of science and technology has created conditions for producing enough food for the 650 crores of present world population without going for GM products. Still millions are starving or are half-starved, tens of millions of children are malnourished. In agriculture, production, storing and distribution of food items have gone under the control of speculative sharks. In this situation the masses have to intensify the struggle for liberating agriculture from corporates and making food a fundamental right.

All democratic values developed during millennia of human history received a new boost with the French Revolution with its slogan of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. But this bourgeois democracy was, and is, in the main ,a democracy for the propertied classes. It was Paris Commune and later the October Revolution which tried to give it a socialist content with their all power to the people and the socialization of all property rights slogan. But this democratic concept could not be fully developed in practice by the socialist states and it was also one of the basic causes for the setbacks suffered by the socialist forces.

Today, as the speculative character of finance capital has reached maddening levels and as the monopolization of natural and human resources and negation of all libertarian and egalitarian values have intensified unprecedentedly, even existing democratic values are being destroyed and fascist tendencies are on the ascendance in new forms. In our country with the coming to power of Modi government even the existing rights to freedom of thought, right to take food of one’s choice, right to cultural expressions etc. are under brutal attack by saffron forces. The struggle for defending the existing democratic rights and to expand them has achieved manifold importance.

It is in this context that the Central Committee of the Party has given the call to observe the 98thanniversary of the October Revolution with the slogan For Peace, Food and Democracy to be followed by a year-long campaign planned from next year’s 7th November till 7th November,2017, on the occasion of Centenary celebrations of the October Revolution, linking with the historic struggle for national emancipation and proletarian internationalism
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.