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Observe 6th December as “Anti-Saffronization Day"

01 November 2015
THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE meeting of the Party has called for observing 6th December as “Anti-Saffronisation Day” with the slogans:”Resist conspiracy to turn India into Hindu Rashtra” and “Fight to save Right to Freedom of Thought, Food and Culture”. Recognizing the gravity of the situation when even existing democratic rights are under attack, when fascist attacks leading to the killings of progressive intellectuals like Dabholkar, Pansare and Kalburgi are taking place, when Akhlaq in Dadri was lynched for allegedly eating beef and youths in Himachal Pradesh lynched for allegedly smuggling cows, when all institutions are brought under the control RSS die-hards, in short fascist forces are allowed to spread their venomous aggression in all fields, a countrywide offensive by the progressive and democratic forces is urgently needed to resist and defeat the communal challenges and saffronization aggravated by the Brahmanical forces.

Realizing very well the effectiveness of communal-caste tendencies as divisive forces in India, it was the British colonialists who promoted them as part of their “divide and rule” policy. Utilizing these forces they succeeded in dividing the country amidst killings of millions in an atmosphere of communal hatred. If those who came to power in Pakistan reduced it to an Islamic state, degenerating it to its present communal-military-mafia rule dominated by the US and other imperialist forces, in India from the very beginning what was practised under the garb of ‘secularism’ was nothing but appeasement of communal-caste forces, especially the majority communal-upper caste domination under Brahmanical forces. The so-called secular Congress, then in power in UP as well as enjoying unquestioned influence and power all over the country, communalized the Babri Masjid issue as far back as in 1949 when Hindu fanatics broke into the mosque in the middle of the night and installed statues of Hindu deities Ram-Sita there. Instead of getting the deities removed, the government proclaimed the premises a ‘disputed’ area and locked the gates, thus keeping the tension brewing. Under the rule of the same Congress, a district judge ordered the gates of the mosque to be opened to allow Hindus to worship there in 1986. And in 1992, the Congress government at the Centre stood silently by as the historic Babri Masjid was demolished by communal hordes.

It was the policy of communal appeasement and communal-caste vote bank politics of the Congress and other ruling class parties including the regional parties that helped the RSS Parivar to grow fast and its political front, BJP, to come to power at the Centre with a thundering majority in the last Lok Sabha elections in the absence of any secular democratic people’s alternative to challenge it. Under Modi rule a systematic move is strengthening to spread communal venom. All religious fundamentalist forces are allowed to have a field day, as a cover to strengthen the forces which want to turn the country into a Hindu Rashtra. As a part of this, the right to freedom of thought and progressive cultural practice are attacked. Communal food and dress codes are imposed.

All these are happening when the vast masses are increasingly impoverished, under intensifying price rise, unemployment and corruption, when right to housing, healthcare, education and employment is denied to them when the plunder of natural and human resources has reached unprecedented levels, and when the neo-colonial domination over the country by imperialist forces, especially US imperialism, has reached dangerous levels. It is in this situation that the Party has called for countrywide vigorous campaign and district level mobilizations of secular, anti-caste, democratic forces to challenge the saffronization of the country. All Party committees are called upon to make the observance of observing 6th December as 'Anti-Saffronisation Day' a great success.
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