Oppose Indian Blockade of Nepal

03 December 2015
about the last three months the road lines to Nepal from India are blocked, though the Indian authorities feign ignorance. It is a violation of the charter adopted by the UN to protect the landlocked countries like Nepal. Although the Indian authorities are shifting the blame to the Madhesis who are resorting to this blockade for getting the recently promulgated Constitution of Nepal amended according to their demands, yet the Indian hand behind this blockade is glaringly evident.

After ascending to power Modi has gone on a globe-trotting spree, inviting all outside powers to invest in India, to make in India. To facilitate this more global, liberal openings are made. But when the BJP leadership is making big claims about these, the relations with all its immediate neighbouring countries are worsening day by day. While relations with Nepal are worsening fast, relations with Pakistan are also rapidly deteriorating. Even relations with Sri Lanka, Maldives on the south, and with Bangladesh, Myanmar and Bhutan are also not very healthy.

CPI(ML) Red Star calls for removing the blockade against Nepal and make essential commodities available to this landlocked country within its borders. It calls on the government to give first priority to bettering relations with the neighbouring countries. The Party shall organize a countrywide campaign for it joining hands with all like-minded forces. 
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