Editorial - The Marxist Leninist Issue # 17 (December 2015)

17 December 2015

THE last issue of The Marxist-Leninist (issue no.16) was published when the whole party was fully engaged in the preparations for its Tenth Congress, which was successfully held at Lucknow from 26th February to 2nd March. As pointed out in the last issue, apart from the Amendments to the Party Program and Party Constitution, the redrafted Path of Revolution, Political Resolution and the Political Organizational Report of the Central Committee, it also adopted the Resolution On Launching Theoretical Offensive for Communist Resurgence (the draft of which was published in the last issue) after indepth discussions. All these documents are already published by the Central Committee.

A significant achievement of the Party Congress apart from adopting these documents enabling the whole party to advance in the coming days, was that just preceding the Congress and during it, as a culmination of the protracted discussions carried forward, the CPI(ML) Red Flag active in W. Bengal and the Marxist Leninist Committee active in AP merged with the Party. It has provided a new fillip to the Communist unity efforts vigorously pursued by the party.

A significant importance of this Party Congress was that in continuation to the ideological political struggle waged by it from the beginning of the reorganization process in order to evaluate the experience of the international and Indian communist movement and to develop the Program and Path of revolution, it adopted a Resolution On Theoretical Offensive for Communist Resurgence. It is published in this issue for discussion at all level.

The Central Committee discussed how proposals put forward by this Resolution can be put in to practice. As a result it decided to publish articles on important questions concerning the history and experience of the Communist movement providing insight in to issues concerning the future development of the revolutionary movement overcoming the reverses it has suffered at all levels and in all fields during the last few decades after its resurgence by the time of the 1950s.

In this issue two articles to advance theoretical discussion are published. One is regarding the alternative development paradigm to be developed by the Communist movement against the imperialist development perspective which is devastating the nature and intensifying wage slavery of the toiling masses. In the context of the experience of the socialist construction pursued in the former socialist countries which later turned in to bureaucratic state capitalism also such a discussion is very relevant.

The second article is regarding the experience of applying the Marxist theory of the dictatorship of the proletariat in actual practice and the hitherto experience in this field. In Paris Commune the cardinal question of revolutionary transformation of the state, including the dissolution of standing military and replacing it with arming of the people, the application of the Marxist concept of all powers to the people were taken up during the brief period it got before the Commune was smashed by the bourgeoisie. Based on these lessons, in his famous work, State and Revolution, Lenin had tried to advance the concept of dictatorship of the proletariat. It was linked to the practice, linking with the slogan all power to the Soviets. In the background of transformation of socialist Soviet Union in to a social imperialist power, Mao had made a critic of the Soviet experience and in the course of developing the People’s Communes and socialist rectification movement towards the theory and practice of Cultural Revolution, serious efforts were made to develop the understanding on the practice of democracy during socialist construction.

The Central Committee calls for in-depth discussion on these articles. All contributions received regarding these shall be published and the discussion shall be carried forward. Meanwhile proposals are called for on other areas of theoretical discussions also. Articles received on such subjects also shall be published and discussion on them also shall be encouraged. In this manner an atmosphere of active theoretical debate on all cardinal questions concerning state and revolution has to be created. The theory and practice of advancing people’s democratic phase and socialist revolution phase also have to be actively taken up.

After the ascendance to power of BJP government at centre, the RSS is trying hard to impose its Hindu Rashtra concept vehemently. As part of it the birth day of Adi Sankaracharya is going to be observed as philosophers’ day. Along with imperialist theoretical and cultural onslaughts, Brahminical theoretical offensive is also going to be intensified dragging the society backwards. A major theoretical offensive has to be developed against these degenerated and reactionary schools of thought also.

Based on the general orientation put forward in the Resolution on Theoretical Offensive the Editorial Board calls for active participation of all progressive, democratic and revolutionary forces to carry forward this theoretical offensive in an energetic manner. 

Editorial Board


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