Modi's Move for Closer Indo-US Relations: Claiming Patriotism and Betraying National Interests

05 July 2016
DURING his latest discussions with US president and address to the session of US Congress, Prime Minister Modi has underlined his readiness to sign any agreement with US for closer ties. Obama has announced US intention to arm India as the “net provider of security in Asia” even if a formal Indo-US alliance is not signed. He is calling for “India acting as close partner and ally”. All these moves are for dragging India in to its military moves against Chinese expansion to more areas.

While this strategic alliance is mooted, and the Modi government is moving closer to US, it is blind towards two important international developments. Firstly, the policies of “local bully” pursued by Indian government have forced all its neighbouring

countries to move closer to China. Besides, not only the other BRICS countries, Russia, Vietnam like countries are also having closer relations with China. Secondly, while intensifying its policy of contention with China, the US is following the policy of collusion with this other superpower on many issues.

But the Modi govt and the RSS Parivar which are acting as the only patriots and attacking all others as traitors under many pretexts using Sedition Law like Black Acts, are so much comprador in their thinking and actions that they refuse to see these international realities. They refuse to see that in spite of their efforts to move closer to US and to serve as its ally against China, history proves that US do not treat any country as its permanent ally. It always gives prime importance to its global hegemony. It is ready to turn against its allies at any time in its “national interests”. Refusing to recognize these, Modi govt is dragging India in to more neo-colonial dependence to US. It is an act of treason by these pseudo patriots. So any moves for closer alliance with US by Modi should be resisted.
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