Defeat Modi Govt's Move to Enact GST

05 July 2016
IMPOSITION of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), a uniform tax for both the sectors at all India level is the demand put forward by the MNCs and native corporate forces for a long time. Though the UPA govt had initiated it, due to opposition in the parliament by BJP it could not be enacted. As it imposes heavy burden over the masses and goes against the federal principles, the progressive forces had also opposed it from the.

But once the BJP has come to power and Modi launched the Make in India campaign, the urgency to enact it became all the more pressing for it. But as the Congress is stalling this on technical

grounds and as BJP is not having majority in the Rajya Sabha, Modi govt was making frantic efforts for enacting it. Now the possibilities for it have brightened after the elections to the five state assemblies and to the Rajya Sabha seats. A number of non- BJP state governments also have extended support for it. Even the LDF government in Kerala has extended support to it, in spite of the CPI(M) leadership’s reservations against it. In this situation, CPI(ML) Red Star calls on all progressive forces for strengthening the resistance against the GST bill which will help the MNCs and the native corporate forces while imposing additional burden over the people.
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