Patriotism and Treason

27 July 2016

ITH the ascendance to power of Modi government, during the last two years the RSS Parivar is trying to dub all those who disagree with their definition of patriotism, or all those who oppose their concept of Hindu Rashtra, or more simplistically, all those who refuse to raise Bharat Mata Ki Jai at their beckoning, as traitors or desadrohis. Though during 1998-2004 Vaipayee government’s time also there were some efforts of this kind, it was not as rabid or provocative as now, as it did not get the open support of the state forces as it is getting today. So when once again Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to shout his patriotism from the ramparts of Red Fort on 15th August, there should be a countrywide discussion on who are the real patriots?

Who is a patriot and who is a traitor are subjects of discussion for long, at least from the time of the independence struggle against the colonial forces. In that sense we uphold the leaders of Santhal and other earlier anti- British revolts, to leaders of the 1857 first war of independence – Jhansi Rani, Hazrat mahal, to numerous others from the early days of national liberation struggles to Bhagat Singh like martyrs and freedom fighters of various streams of independence struggles as patriots, who sacrificed everything for the independence of our country. Patriotism meant the preparedness to sacrifice for the liberation of the motherland and its people from the political, economic and cultural domination of the imperialist force who had established hegemony over the country. History teaches that there were many others who betrayed the national interests during this long period serving as lackeys and compradors of British rulers. They were the traitors, the desadrohis.

The post-1947 history teaches that what happened in our country like other ‘newly independent countries’ of Asia, Africa and Latin America was only the replacement of Gora sahebs with Kala (or not so Kala) sahebs, as Shahid Bhagat Singh had clearly warned. The formal political independence was not followed by independence from the economic clutches of imperialism. What was followed under Nehru model in the early decades was nothing but the Keynesian policies advocated by the US led imperialist forces. But with the adoption of the neoliberal policies in 1991, the process of throwing overboard even whatever self-reliance and apparent sovereignty hitherto gained was started. The ruling system and the political leaderships in dominance started becoming more and more compradors, destroying whatever self-reliance and sovereignty existed. This trend stated in 1991 became more explicit during the decade long UPA rule.

Now under Modi regime, this trend is reaching its climax with the destruction of even whatever semblance of national independence the people have with the opening of all economic spheres to FDIs, with the systematic destruction of all public sector ventures which were the pillars of the national economy so far, with the rabid corporatization of all fields. Thus Modi regime is decisively destroying all the great values of national liberation and social justice put forward by the freedom fighters. What right he has to call himself the patriot, the dasabhakth? On the contrary he represents the direct opposite.

Today, only those who cherish and uphold the values of national liberation from the clutches of imperialism and its lackeys can be called the patriots, the desbhakths. It is in this context the Central Committee of the Party has called for observing 9th August to 15th August as Anti-Imperialist Week, pledging to strive for realizing the dreams of the freedom fighters. Let us organize a powerful campaign during this period initiating the mobilization of all patriotic forces for the second independent struggle to achieve genuine national liberation and social justice. 
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.