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04 October 2016




THE CENTENARY PROGRAMS of the October of Revolution of Russia are starting from 7th November of this year. This shall culminate with programs across the world on 7th November next year. This shall be a year of great celebrations for the working class and oppressed peoples of the world; also this shall be a year for learning from the past and to develop concepts to create the future.

Hundred years ago on 7th November, 1917, the working class of Russia had seized political power and established the worker-peasant state for the first time in history. Before that in 1871 the workers of France had tried to establish the workers’ state. In history it is known as Paris Commune. Though it could continue only for 70 days, it had left many glorious lessons for the working class. The Russian working class took advantage of these lessons.

The Russian Revolution took place during the First World War when the imperialist plunderers were engaged in a bloody cut-throat war for re-dividing the colonial world among themselves. The dreams of the Russian capitalist class who had joined with Britain and France in this War were shattered. Discontentment among the workers, peasantry and army men were intensifying. They were getting mobilized around the program and declarations of the Bolshevik Party. “Peace, Bread and democracy” and “All Power to the Soviets” had become the main slogans of the revolution. The bourgeois revolution had taken place in Russia in February, 1917. But the bourgeois state formed only further intensified people’s discontentment, as it betrayed the toiling masses and started moving along the path of Tsardom.

After October Revolution the state of the worker-peasant alliance was formed in Russia. While the bourgeoisie around the world condemned it, the worker-peasant masses recognized what is people’s democracy. For the first time they recognized how the bourgeois democracy was cheating them. The people’s democracy overturned all the policies of the bourgeois state. The land was confiscated from the landlords and distributed among the tillers. The control of the factories was handed over to the workers. A peace proposal was put forward before the warring bourgeois states of Europe. In this way it declared that the sons and daughters of the workers and peasants of Russia were not prepared to shed blood for the imperialists and their Russian bourgeois friends.

These achievements of the October Revolution deeply influenced the workers, peasants and oppressed masses around the world. It inspired and gave new direction to the national liberation movements in the countries under colonial domination. Communist parties were formed in many countries. In some countries revolutions took place under working class leadership. Giving freedom to the nationalities kept under oppression by the Tsardom, this revolution gave the message that the workers’ state does not keep any weaker nationalities under subjugation by force. On the other hand, by organizing the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Soviet Union) it inspired the concept of forming union of nationalities based on equality and democracy. The Socialist revolution in Russia contributed greatly in liberating the women from the shackles of patriarchy. For the first time women got the right to vote based on universal franchise, which the women of US or any other capitalist countries had not received yet. The defeat of fascist forces during the Second World War was such a great achievement for which all humankind will be grateful to Soviet Union. In spite of all these great contributions, it is a fact that the Soviet Union is no more due to internal sabotage by the capitalist roaders, and is today reduced to Russian imperialism before us. Thus there are two important questions in front of us: how to provide correct leadership to the working class revolution and how to save the workers’ state from internal sabotage by the capitalist roaders.

Today’s situation is quite different from the situation during the October Revolution. There is no threat of World War immediately before us. But presently imperialist system is confronting the greatest internal challenges. Though the phases of two super powers and cold war have passed, the US superpower is finding it difficult to impose its hegemony around. World has never witnessed such a situation when the sparks of people’s discontentment is spreading everywhere, even if the level of the discontentment is different from country to country. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya are going through civil wars. Syria is also moving in this direction. In Europe while the insecurity and dissatisfaction among the working class is increasing, on the other terrorist attacks are increasing. The Brexit in Britain is a reflection of this insecurity. In spite of all these, the working class is not in a position to take advantage of them, as they themselves are unorganized and confused.

In our country also, neither the condition of the ruling class nor of the working class and oppressed masses is any way different. In the context of neoliberal policies, there are no basic differences among the ruling class parties about economic-fiscal policies. Still there are no ruling class parties whose influence is spreading at all India level, or has such influence among the people which the Congress once had. In spite of having unity on economic policies, the main thrust of their politics has become dividing the people based on caste, religion, language, provincialism etc. Besides, in front of the people the bourgeois politics has become the den of corrupt, criminal and communal (especially Hindutuavadi) forces. The Modi government which came to power following last Lok Sabha elections creating illusions about development, stands exposed now for its lies and false promises. It is failing to cover up the galloping unemployment through its distortion of statistics. While failing in all these fields, this government has become notorious for spreading communal hatred and unleashing unprecedented oppression of dalits and minorities. This has led to ever increasing resistance against these policies regionally or spontaneously everywhere. This is the crisis of the bourgeois politics.

In spite of this, the left and democratic political forces in our country are still incapable of taking advantage of this crisis and providing revolutionary orientation to the mounting resistances of the people. The Left Front has become part of the ruling class politics and is passing through a period of defeat and despair. Many other sections are victims of deviations and disintegration In this situation, the Democratic People’s Forum has the main task of bringing together all struggling left, democratic and oppressed classes and sections including the dalits, the adivasis and women on a broad platform of struggle, taking lessons from the great October Revolution and the innumerable revolutionary movements of the toiling and oppressed masses of our country so that a people’s alternative which ensures livelihood, food and democracy for all can be achieved.

With this firm determination let us mobilise our forces at Delhi to make the 7th November rally a great success; Our slogans:

Message of October Revolution: Let this country is of the toilers!

Only under worker-peasant raj, People’s Democracy becomes reality!

Livlihood, Food and Democracy: People of India demands them!

(Draft handbill matter prepared for the constituents of the DPF for organizing propaganda for the rally on 7th November 2016 at Delhi. Constituents can propose necessary changes and send to Convener as early as possible. Meanwhile based on the slogans and Common Minimum Program of the DPF the campaign may be started)
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