RSS-BJP Brand of Common Civil Code is Part of Its Brahminical Offensive

27 November 2016
ALL on a sudden the RSS-BJP forces and the governments led by them have become fighters for women’s freedom with strident calls against triple talaq and for an urgent uniform civil code (UCC) based on their prescriptions. As part of this campaign their propagandists are indulging in vulgar attacks on the Muslims charging them with increasing the population by marrying more than one woman and divorcing them easily.

At the same time they are not attacking the patriarchal system, concealing the fact that atrocities against women under it are widespread in all religions. They do not attack the foeticide which is reducing the number of women in states like Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab etc. They do not condemn ‘Khap Panchayat’ like atrocities against women. Their Brahminical concepts still justify Sati, child marriage like atrocities. They are not prepared for giving equal share for women in family properties or right for land. It is not a secular, democratic common civil code they are talking about which ensures all democratic values ensuring social justice and gender equality. RSS-BJP utilizes the propaganda for the UCC also as a stick to beat the minorities with.

By posing the problem in this manner, these reactionary forces are only strengthening their die hard communal counter parts among the minorities who are suppressing the struggle for gender equality coming up slowly, but steadily among Muslim women. So the purpose of this attack on triple talaq by the Brahminical forces is not for gender equality, but for strengthening their anti-Muslim vote bank. It is part of the fascicization drive by the RSS.

It should be oppose by all democratic forces, while carrying forward the campaign for the Common Civil Code as part of basic democratization of the society in all fields, including the struggle to eliminate the patriarchal values in all respects. 
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