11 January 2018
THE year that passed was a challenging one. According to all indications, the New Year is going to be still more challenging for the toiling and oppressed classes and sections, internationally and in our country. As evaluated by the just concluded Third World Conference of the ICOR, it is going to be a year in which the crisis ridden imperialist system and its compradors and lackeys will further intensify the plunder and aggression against the world proletariat, oppressed peoples and nations. So, as the ICOR calls, the revolutionary forces around the world have to intensify all out efforts to develop their organized strength, preparedness and struggles further to combat the forces of reaction, to make revolutionary advances in all fields, all the while trying to get united more firmly, inspired by the spirit of proletarian internationalism.

During the last year the ultra rightist forces in power within our country had increased their efforts to strengthen the corporate raj through demonetization and imposition of GST like measures. Along with this, the communal fascist offensive was intensified, unleashing all heinous forces for dividing the people caste-wise and communally. History was further vulgarized. All progressive cultural values attacked. Gauri Lankesh like secular forces gunned down. All existing democratic rights came under further attacks. As unemployment, prices of essential commodities and services have galloped, the masses are further impoverished. As Modi government has moved closer to US imperialism, its relations with all neighbouring countries worsened. As a result of all these, the workers, peasantry, students, youth, women, dalits, minorities and all other oppressed sections are showing their resentment and anger through various means. It has reflected in the recent election to the municipal bodies in UP. Contrary to what is propagated by the corporate media and RSS Parivar, just eight months after its victory in the assembly elections, its vote share fell by 10%. It is repeatedly proved that, as BJP is further intensifying neo-liberal corporate onslaughts and more aggressively communalising all sphere of life, including elections, the Congress, other ruling class parties and the CPI(M)-led Left Front are proving incapable of becoming alternative to it. As a result, in the latest elections, BJP could sweep to power in Himachal Pradesh defeating totally corrupt Congress rule. In Gujarat, in spite of people’s resentment, with its reduced vote share, BJP could win the assembly elections for the sixth term. In this situation, the New Year has brought the question of building a people’s alternative to BJP to the forefront.

As our party, CPI(ML) Red Star, is concerned 2017 was a hectic year. Successfully organizing the Centenary Programs of October Revolution and Fifty Years of Naxalbari Uprising at all India level, we could further consolidate our ideological-political position and take its revolutionary message to the masses. But, over and above these vigorous campaigns, numerous activities including building of party, mass organizations and people’s movements in all states, the Bhangar Movement from November, 2016, intensified, continued as a mighty example of mass resistance to state terror. It has got consolidated and expanded its influence during last year. It has provided a qualitative upswing to our activities in all fields. Considering the magnitude of our vast country, however microscopic it may look like, Bhangar Movement has given a fillip to our organization, substantiating the correctness of the orientation put forward by the Program and Path of Revolution of our party. It has given inspiration to build Mass Political Platforms with People’s Manifestos at state level focusing on people’s power and people oriented sustainable development paradigm. At a time when opportunist calls for rallying with Congress to combat BJP, or building broad Left front led by social democratic CPI(M) is raised as alternatives by many including some from the CR forces, the ongoing Bhangar Movement and other militant movements led by the party and class/mass organizations along with active movements on vital people’s issues like caste annihilation, environmental catastrophe, housing etc, and the concept of Mass Political Platform as the people’s alternative against ruling class alternatives has provided a correct orientation before the people.

It is in this situation the party has started preparations for organizing the Eleventh Party Congress at Kolkata from 7th November in the New Year. The social democratic CPI(M) led forces upholding China, which has degenerated to a social imperialist power, as socialist model. They are implementing the neo-liberal policies wherever their Left Front comes to power in spite of its decimation in Bengal. At the same time, struggling against their line of class collaboration, the CPI(ML) Red Star is advancing towards its next Party Congress with clear perspective about the way the class struggle is to be developed comprehensively and the way the people’s alternative against all ruling class alternatives should be built. For us Marxism is not a dogma; it is a science, the theory and practice of which should be continuously developed according to changes taking place both internationally and nationally. Overcoming past weaknesses we have advanced so far ‘seeking truth from facts’ and trying to analyze the changes taking place around us. Based on this dialectical materialist perspective, let us take up the challenges posed by the New Year with the approach: dare to think, dare to struggle and dare to win. 
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.