07 May 2018
SURVEILLANCE teams of the Election Commission and Income Tax Department have seized more than Rs. 24 crore from various parts of Karnataka till 22nd April from persons linked to leading parties, BJP, Congress and Janta Dal (S) apart from liquor, drugs/narcotics, gold, household items and other inducements worth crores more to be distributed among voters for luring them ahead of the forthcoming assembly elections on 12th May. This is a record (which is only the tip of the iceberg as the confiscations are possible only in random locations and many times more confiscations can be expected in coming days) since the total volume of illegal cash confiscated all over India during the 2014 General Election, according EC sources, was around Rs. 28 crore. As the poll day is nearing, the amount of illegal money which is expected to flow to Karnataka will be even much larger as both the BJP and Congress is bent on winning the election at any cost. And this is one reason for the drying up of ATMs and acute shortage of cash being felt in the neighboring states during these days.

In order to win the elections at any cost BJP has communalized the campaign totally, repeating that it represents Hindus and all its opponents are serving Muslims! On the other hand, to counter this, not only Congress president Rahul Gandhi, the ‘rationalist’ chief minister Siddaramaiah along with Congress candidates are competing with BJP leaders to worship in as many temples as possible! JD(S) is also competing with its own communal, caste appeasement. None of these is trying to deal with the acute crisis faced by the common people, including price rise, unemployment, lack of housing-drinking water, farmers’ suicides etc.

It is in this context, the Janandolna Mahamaitri is contesting 20 seats putting forward a manifesto which calls for rejection of neoliberal policies and democratization in all fields, mobilizing the dalits, adivasis, minorities and all oppressed classes and sections wherever its candidates are contesting. While at state level it is targeting BJP as the main enemy, in constituencies it is contesting, it is challenging the J-C-B candidates. In Ligasugur like constituencies where party comrade R Manasayya is contesting, thousands rallied on 23rd April while submitting the nomination and it has come to the forefront in the election battle. All party activists are mobilized in support of party candidates at Ligsugur and Koppal while active support is extended to all Mahamaitri candidates. Our election committees are determined to intensify the campaign in coming days and to prevent the cash-liquor distribution by the JCB candidates.
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