04 July 2019

As expected, from day-1, Modi-2 is trying to take one step after another towards its Hindurashtra agenda. Though its effort to impose Hindi is withdrawn following mighty resistance, especially from Southern states, the draft New Education Policy is threatening us with its goal of saffronization of education. Now Modi had convened a meeting of leaders of political parties on 19th June for implementing ‘One Nation, One Election’ plan.

Though Modi and BJP had such ideas during his first term also, any such initiative to implement it could not be taken. This move is an extension of the RSS slogan, One Nation, One Culture, One Language. It goes against the federal, Constitutional spirit. Even when increasing sections of people are demanding electoral reforms including replacement of EVMs with ballots and cutting down electoral expenditure, no action is taken on them. Instead, Modi’s effort is to impose the One Nation, One Election slogan for the sectarian interests of BJP. It should be opposed and defeated

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Kabeer Katlat

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.