30 September 2019

Terrifying things are happening in our country. According Constitution any change in the status of a state can be made only with the approval of the people there. Since provision to hold referendum is not in the Constitution, getting approval of the state assembly is essential. But in J&K, after dissolving the assembly, imposing president’s rule and postponing assembly elections, after increasing the military, para-military and police presence everywhere, after arresting/detaining leaders of all non-BJP political parties, former chief ministers, most of the ex MLAs and thousands of political activists and social leaders Modi-2 has abrogated Article 370 and downgraded the state to two union territories! Lakhs of armed forces with AFSPA like black laws are deployed to police people! From 4th August all communications are cut, 144 and curfew are imposed denying all democratic rights of the people!  Against these naked violations of Constitutional rights, when the Supreme Court is approached, it asks the victims to wait! When an editor from the state approach the Press Council of India against curtailment of all press freedoms, president of PSI asks her to give government more time to achieve normalcy!

Under parliamentary democracy the opposition has statutory rights. But the opposition leaders and MPs are prevented from going to the state to see what is happening in the state. Though governor says schools are open, no students are attending them. Though no emergency is declared, the situation is worse than that of emergency. Virtually, under total clamp down, people are thrown in to an open jail.

If what is happening in J&K is barbarous, on 31st August the Assam government released the final NRC list declaring 19,06,657 of its residents stateless! These people overwhelmingly from most destitute sections are told that they can appeal to Foreigners Tribunals up to 120 days, after that to higher courts, and if their appeals are not redressed, they will be thrown to Detention Camps! Besides Modi-2 is going to get its Citizenship (Amendments) Bill, which refuses citizenship to Muslim migrants, passed by the Rajya Sabha also somehow and complete the NPR based on it by 30th September, 2020. It is reported that 2o to 30 million present residents may lose citizenship at all India level under it. As no country is going to receive them, the plan is to throw them to Detention Camps, which are like the labour camps or concentration camps of Nazi Germany!

As the RSS has penetrated in to the state machinery, to all educational, cultural institutions, even inside the constitutional institutions including the SC under its control and brought the mainstream media  organizationally and ideologically, when the mob lynching and attacks on opposition leaders and political activists are further intensified, a fear psychoses is spread all over the country. It is forcing many of the leaders of the parliamentary opposition parties to cross over to BJP fold. This fascist narrative based on majoritarian Hindutva offensive is intensified more fiercely, as the economic slowdown, leading to acute recession, is becoming a growing threat to Modi-2.  This RSS/BJP fascist regime, like any other fascistic regimes in history, is the product of the increasing crisis of international imperialist capital and it represents the most reactionary sections of the neoliberal/corporate ruling class. In our analysis of the budget proposals and other economic notes we have explained the seriousness of the recession. Though Modi-2 is trying to reduce the impact of the slow down by giving sops to the corporate and PFIs to increase investment, the corporate giants are using recession also as an opportunity for aggressive wealth accumulation. So, in spite of many sops to the elite classes at the expense of the, masses, there is no let down to the slow down.

In this situation, fascisation and aggressive majoritarian Hindutva are further intensified in all fields to divert attention from intensifying corporate loot which is perpetuating the neo-colonial dependency and impoverishment of the masses. That is why everyday new issues like Modi’s call for boosting the gorakshaks, or Amit Shah’s Hindi chauvinist call etc are coming out, trying to continuously put forward newer narratives to hoodwink the masses and divert attention from the real issues they are confronting. As the economic slow down deepens, RSS/BJP shall intensify this dangerous game.

The resignation of two IAS cadres opposing these fascist threats to Indian polity shows that no citizen with democratic consciousness can remain silent in such a situation. The resistance against the Modi-2 from the working class, peasantry, oppressed sections like dalits, Adivasis, Minorities and women are also increasing. This situation calls for people’s movements mobilizing the toiling masses and all oppressed sections. Let us strive to take up the challenge, uniting all the forces who can be united for it at all level. n

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.