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05 February 2020

The Citizenship Amendment Act has triggered protests across the country after it was passed in Parliament on December 11. At least 26 people have died in the protests, including 19 in UP itself. But, while this legislation is for providing Indian citizenship to religious minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, except Muslims, who have entered the country on or before December 31, 2014, RSS/BJP is silent on the more than one lakh refugees from Sri Lanka who are leading a miserable life for three decades or about the Rohingyan refugees fleeing from Myanmar, or refugees from other neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bhutan or even China, if they come in future. The law has attracted widespread criticism as it makes citizenship religion based.  The non-BJP-ruled states have refused to implement it. Even allies of the BJP such as the JD (U) have also expressed reservations about it. Tens of millions of people are coming out in the streets for the last one month or more, with the students and youth playing the vanguard role along with women, calling for repealing CAA and rejection of NPR/NRC..

But Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that even if all other parties come together to oppose the CAA, the BJP-led government will “not move back even an inch”. He accused Opposition parties of spreading misinformation, and said they could continue to do so, but the Act would not be repealed. Now, the BJP and the Modi government are organising outreach rallies in favour of the CAA. Like Modi, Shah is also repeating the miseries faced by Hindu and other minority refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, and CAA is for giving citizenship to them, not for taking away anybody’s citizenship. But then why are they pushing forward the NPR to be followed by the NRC? They are silent about the fate of the Hindu and Muslim refugees from Sri Lanka. A scientific analysis of the impact of the CAA and NPR/NRC process in view of what happened in Assam convinces the people, not only Muslims as the BJP leadership is repeating, but also dalits, Adivasis, poorer OBCs and other oppressed sections that under NPR crores of them will come under the category of ‘suspected citizens’, and then it will be impossible to get the citizenship. There are many doubts about the intentions of the new columns included in the NPR also. And, the most relevant question is what is the necessity for this whole process, so many decades after 1947 transfer of power.

Instead of addressing these questions, the government have resorted to unprecedented state terror, especially in UP and other BJP ruled states, and Delhi, to terrorize the people coming out to join the movement against CAA and NPR/NRC, especially Muslims, to create fear psychosis, to spread the calumny that only Muslims oppose it. At the same time, the RSS parivar is spreading lies using the captive media about the CAA, NPR/NRC to confuse the people, and attack all those who oppose them as Pak agents or traitors. But now the picture is clear: the three are integrally linked; Already Karnataka, UP, Haryana governments have started the NPR to find out the ‘doubtful citizens’ from 1st January; all other states are asked to make preparations and to start it from 1st April. Then based on the number of doubtful citizens found out by the NPR, the NRC shall be started as it was done in Assam, using CAA as the criteria and demanding documents including birth certificates from all. Thus not only Muslims, but as happened in Assam, large numbers of Hindus also will be among the crores of stateless people! They will be thrown to Detention Camps, the construction of which are already started.

When all these are happening, the attacks on the working class, all toiling masses, peasantry and youth and students are reaching unprecedented levels in various forms, especially in the context of galloping recession; prices of all essential commodities and rates of essential services are sky-rocketing further impoverishing the masses. Coupled with this, the CAA, NPR/NRC and the fascist attacks on those who oppose these have created a dangerous situation. Ever increasing number of people are unhappy and they are coming out in tens of millions spreading the resistance to even villages and tribal hamlets.

What was started at Shaheen Bagh is spreading with millions of women coming out on the streets at hundreds of centres, whose number is increasing day by day. The movement is taking the form of a festival of the masses. So, as soon as the Boycott CAA, NPR/NRC slogan is given its message is spreading fast. We shall not participate in this process, we shall not allow your enumerators to enter our mohallas or villages. It is going to become a great Non-Cooperation Movement. The present situation demands that all the struggling forces should join the ongoing great countrywide upsurge, making it stronger day by day, with the determination to intensify it continuously as a protracted people’s movement with the vision of a New Independence Movement to compel the Modi government to reverse its draconian policies and to go beyond it to people’s democracy and people’s power. n

Kabeer Katlat

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