28 March 2020

The 51st Anniversary of the formation of the CPI (ML) is observed at a critical juncture in the history of not only our country, but of humankind as a whole as a result of the outbreak of the COVID 1 pandemic. After the 50th anniversary of the Party was observed last year, in the April-May elections, Modi government returned to power with increased majority. Following it, the Modi-Shah team is on an offensive to implement the RSS agenda hastily. Article 370 of the Constitution was scrapped, reducing J&K to two union territories, and imposing brutal clamp down in the Kashmir valley, which is still continuing. It is cutting at the roots of the federal character of the Constitution, in line with the Akhand Bharat concept of RSS. Manipulating the Supreme Court through its henchmen, the land where Babri Masjid stood was handed over to the very same criminal RSS parivar who dismantled it, to build Ram temple.

As part of the communal, ethnic cleansing for arriving at the citizenship of RSS concept of Hindu Rashtra, it  got the 1955 Citizenship Act amended on 12th December, adopted CAA as part of making National Register of Citizenship (NRC) based on it by preparing a National Population Register (NPR) through enumeration from 1st April to 30th September, 2020. When massive opposition to it broke out, it resorted to its brutal suppression. Jamia and AMU students and all opposing forces were brutally attacked. When the Muslim masses came out on the streets in very large numbers along with dalits, Adivasis and other oppressed sections, joined by all democratic forces, Shaheen Bagh launched by women became a symbol of resistance, and the people’s movement against CAA, NPR, NRC went on gaining strength, the RSS parivar abused it as a movement of traitors, publically campaigning with provocative slogans like “shoot down the traitors”. It organized the genocide of Muslims in the Northeast Delhi, with RSS/BJP leaders leading it openly with immunity.  Now, as the COVID19 pandemic broke out, while no serious measures were taken for more than a month to contain it and for medical preparations to control it, all on a sudden, following Modi’s 19th March speech, Janata curfew was organized on 22nd followed by 21 days lock down or curfew all over the country, without giving opportunity for the tens of millions of migrant workers to return home, causing terrifying misery to vast masses, with no effective medical steps to contain the corona virus. Under its cover, the hundreds of Shaheen Baghs all over the country were closed by force.  People are in acute economic and mental agony, threatening large scale starvations deaths.

The advent of fascist RSS/BJP to power, its hasty moves towards transforming India in to a Hindu Rashtra, and now the global threat from the COVID19 pandemic has led to massive changes in the international and national situation.  It poses a great challenge before the Communist Revolutionaries once again, especially so, as they have the record of committing serious mistake in it following the Naxalbari Uprising which broke out and enthused the masses in the fight against the revisionist CPI-CPI(M). As the Communist Revolutionaries (CRs) failed to analyse the situation correctly and to prepare the program and path of revolution based on it, but copied the sectarian prescription of the world situation put forward by the left adventurist Lin Biaoist forces dominating the CPC then, in spite of the formation of the CPI(ML) in 1969, on the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s birth, neither the CRs could be united within it, nor could escape from the disintegration they faced as the reactionary Indian state unleashed a reign of terror against them. What does the experience of past five decades show? Even after such severe setbacks by 1971-72, and the fascist RSS led BJP government coming to power, many sections of the CRs are still reluctant to settle account with past mistakes. While a broad based anti-fascist front with a minimum program of overthrowing the Modi rule is definitely the need of the hour, what does the past international and national experience of such anti-fascist fronts teaches us? While aligning with sections of the ruling class forces/parties in the anti-fascist front, if the communist party/forces fail to pursue path of independent left assertion with a common program uniting the struggling left forces, once the fascists are defeated, the ruling class sections who had aligned with us will return to their old track, betraying the popular forces with whom they were fighting the fascists, once again creating conditions for the fascists to come back with more strength!

But, in spite of bitter experiences of the past, among the broad spectrum of left forces, there are sharp divisions not only on the strategic question of developing the ideological- political line of the communist party according to present conditions, and on party building and path of revolution, but also regarding the immediate tactical line for forming the anti-fascist front in the present situation. On the one hand, the revisionist trend led by the CPI(M) is concerned, in spite of post-2004 experiences, it still, in the main, sticks to the same position, with some of the former CR forces also with them. On the other extreme, those forces who cannot think of keeping themselves away from the CPI(Maoist), though they themselves do not pursue its practice in any form, are contended with a broad forum of mass organizations and individuals to fight the “Hindutva Fascism”, similar to old FAIG, as if they do not even consider the fight against fascism is a political task to be led by the political parties. As far as we are concerned, we are for a broad front of all political forces with minimum issue based understanding of throwing out the fascist Modi government from power, while strengthening independent left assertion by uniting the revolutionary left forces based on a common program in a coordination with the perspective of building a left political alternative at all India level. We are for developing a healthy political debate around this question with the orientation of helping the polarization of the revolutionary left sections, while always trying to be in the forefront to strengthen the anti-fascist movement against the RSS/BJP led Modi government.

We appeal to all party committees to observe the party day with the determination to lead the class struggle forward, uniting with all the oppressed classes and sections, towards people’s democracy and socialist transformation

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Kabeer Katlat

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.