03 September 2020

5th September is 3rd anniversary of assassination of comrade Gouri Lankesh by RSS parivar. Before that they had assassinated comrades Pansare, Dhabolkar and Kalburgi, all progressive intellectuals, writing and teaching for an enlightened, casteless, secular, democratic society guided by scientific temper. Hundreds of intellectuals, journalists, writers, RTI activists, anybody who try to expose the parivar were beaten up, tortured, killed or incarcerated during. Lynching of minority people has become regular feature. Muslim majority Kashmir is turned in to an open jail, a killing field for the army. All who oppose Modi rule are stamped anti-national and attacked. All democratic institutions and state machinery saffronized. The Supreme Court which is supposed to protect the Constitution has in effect thrown it to dustbin. The whole economy is in acute crisis, with corporates controlling everything, throwing tens of millions of families to extreme impoverishment. It is state terror in full action in every field. Yes, RSS had done its home-work well; six years of Modi rule was sufficient to transform India to a fascist state with majoritarian Hindutva as its ideological base.

So, it is the urgent task of every political party and democratic forces to work for putting an end to this corporate fascist rule. For it, all forces opposed to Modi rule should come out on the streets uniting with all other forces to struggle against it. The possibilities provided by the elections to state assemblies also should be used to weaken the BJP. In this way the anti-fascist movement should be strengthened so that Modi rule can be ended.  No democratic force, or individual will have any difference of opinion on this. But, the cardinal question is have the Congress or any of these opposition parliamentary parties any alternative program to replace Modi rule?

It is history that when the socio-cultural change advocated by the renaissance movement and the message of anti-imperialist independence struggle were dominant, when Brahmanical, Manuvadi concepts were challenged, the RSS remained a marginal force. After assassination of Gandhiji, it was further cornered for long. Then how could RSS/BJP come to power so fast with such a backing? There is not much difficulty to find the answer; after coming to power in 1947 the Congress started using caste and soft Hindutva as its vote banks; slowly all other parliamentary parties started emulating it with their own variations. Though with fast changes in the agrarian sector, only feudal remnants were left, influence of feudal, imperialist culture, and Manuvadi social structures were not challenged seriously by any of these forces. The mainstream left, CPI(M) led Left Parties, not only came under parliamentary illusions, but advocated in the main that social changes shall automatically follow economic changes. If the renaissance movement and independence struggle tried to address problems like untouchability, the anti-caste, secular movements were abandoned by all sections. Though Naxalbari Uprising tried to address these problems and could arouse the oppressed masses, as it disintegrated fast due to state suppression and internal problems, it could not become a major force capable of challenging the RSS.

During the six years of Vajpayee government and 2002 pogrom in Ahmadabad itself, RSS had made its intensions clear. Still, the decade long Congress-led UPA rule could not rise to the occasion, it went on accelerating the neoliberal/corporatization policies, appeasing the Hindutva forces, and it failed even to book the main culprits responsible for Gujarat pogrom and numerous terrorist actions by RSS parivar. During 2014 elections, Modi with his false promises could easily win, as Congress was thoroughly discredited and other opposition parties were fighting each other. During this decade of UPA rule, neither Congress, nor other parties tried to challenge the Hindurashtra offensive of RSS ideologically, putting forward an alternative outlook and politicizing/ mobilizing masses around it.

We are facing the same challenge today, in more intensified and aggressive form. Without challenging the very majoritarian Hindutva base of RSS from casteless, secular, democratic positions, and mobilizing the people around a revolutionary program for democratization of the society and socialist future, RSS led Modi fascism cannot be exposed and defeated. So, we appeal to the revolutionary left forces that, while joining with all possible forces to make the anti-fascist movement stronger, we should build the Revolutionary Left Coordination with Common Program to persist with communist assertion for building revolutionary alternative to RSS Parivar

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.