Write Off Loans to Save Peasants from Suicide

29 April 2015
THERE are reports of large scale peasant suicides from practically all states. In the northern states of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, and in many more the recent untimely rain, hail storm and even floods have destroyed or harmed the wheat, potato and other crops seriously. All these peasant families had taken loans from banks and usurers; and the fear of what will happen to their family if the loans are not repaid is driving them to suicide. The central and state governments are trying to belittle the seriousness of this question by announcing some subsidies and sops. What is required is the writing off of all bank loans and urgent help in repay loans taken from the usurers. It is the case in UP, Punjab and all other affected states. A countrywide campaign demanding writing off of loans and struggles for it by mobilizing the peasants are the immediate tasks to be taken up to save the distressed peasants from committing suicide.
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