Observe 22nd April, the Party Day

30 March 2017
IT was on 22nd April, 1969, the formation of the CPI (ML) took place. The communist revolutionaries, waging an uncompromising struggle against the CPI and CPI(M) leaderships who were directly or indirectly parroting the revisionist line of the CPSU leadership as put forward in its 20th Congress, 1956, reorganized the communist movement in the country on this birth centenary day of Lenin. The Naxalbari Uprising had already taken place in 1967 in the course of the ideological struggle against all shades of revisionism and parliamentary cretinism calling for land to the tillers and political power of the people. It had enthused the toiling masses like a “spring thunder”.

Though it was suppressed by the CPI(M) led United Front government in W. Bengal led by CPI(M), very soon millions of dalit, adivasi, working class, peasant, student and youth masses took the message of Naxalbari Uprising; militant mass movements spread to many states. Naxalbari Uprising was becoming a spark which gives birth to many more such uprisings. The formation of CPI (ML) provided a great fillip to the unfolding movement. But very soon, the failure to make a concrete analysis of the Indian situation and the mechanical upholding of the “Chinese Line” led it to left adventurist “line of annihilation”. Soon, the ideological, political, organizational weaknesses within, and the barbarous suppression by the state and central administrations led to great losses and to its disintegration by 1971-72.

When the CR forces took up the task of reorganizing and rebuilding the movement they had to fight against the hitherto theoretical-political weaknesses and the state terror that led to the setback, making a concrete analysis of the vast changes taking place internationally and within the country under the neocolonial phase of imperialism; they had to develop the Marxist-Leninist theory and practice according to present conditions in the country, and based on them the program and path of revolution. While taking up these difficult tasks, they had to continue the ideological-political struggle against the right opportunist line of social democracy followed by the CPI (M) led forces on the one hand, and against the anarchist line pursed by the CPI (Maoist) like forces. It is by uncompromisingly fighting against the state forces on the one hand and against these right and left deviations in the movement on the other, the CR forces have made important gains during these years.

While observing the Party Day all party committees have to take the message of our gains from playing the leading role in Bhangar like movements of the peasantry/rural poor, the lessons of the significant workers’ struggles as in North Karnataka, the housing right movement of the increasing number of slum dwellers as in Odisha, experience of the numerous movements in different states for “land, livelihood and environment”, lessons of participating in the caste annihilation movement as well as in the struggle for genuine secular values fighting against all shades of communalism/religious fundamentalism, advances in the struggles against the corporate raj which make the people increasingly dis-empowered etc. Let us observe the Party Day with revolutionary determination to intensify the people’s movements for advancing towards people’s democracy and socialist transformation.
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.