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Observe 25th May, Naxalbari Day! Carry Forward Agrarian Revolution; Bring Revolution Back to the Agenda!

30 April 2015
FORTY EIGHT YEARS ago the historic Naxalbari Uprising took place in continuation to the ideological struggle against the revisionist leaderships of CPI and CPI(M) who had abandoned the path of agrarian revolution, the path of class struggle and revolutionary seizure of political power. It had brought revolution back to the agenda of the masses in a big way, inspiring millions to come out in the rural and urban areas against the reactionary ruling system. These revolutionary upsurges in many parts of the country led to the formation of CPI(ML) with the clarion call of completing the People's Democratic Revolution (PDR). Though the left adventurist deviation coupled with the barbarous suppression by the central and state governments led to serious setbacks and disintegration of the party and the movement by the early 1970s, the historic significance of these developments cannot be minimized.

The developments during the last four decades have only increased the significance of this revolutionary breaking away from the various hues of revisionism. Today the revisionist camp led by the CPI(M) stands more exposed for its implementation of the neo-liberal policies wherever its Left Fronts came to power, and for aligning with the ruling class parties under one pretext or other. It has led to parliamentary cretinism and class compromise. However hard it may try to overcome the setbacks suffered by it through the Political Tactical Line it adopted in its just concluded 21st Congress and through the Plenum to overcome organizational problems later, cannot help it as it is not prepared to move away from the line of class collaboration and parliamentary cretinism.

On the other hand, those who still pursue the left adventurist line have degenerated to anarchist positions. The challenge before the communist revolutionaries is to intensify the theoretical struggle against these deviations, while continuously developing the program and path of revolution according to present conditions, to develop the Bolshevik model party surrounded by class/ mass movements and to advance the class struggle in all fields to lead the PDR to victory.

But sections of the movement who still claim to uphold the Naxalbari Uprising have embraced rightist positions and become part of the CPI (M) led front. In spite of many setbacks, the CPI(Maoist) still persist in the anarchist path. It is in this situation, fighting against these deviations, the CPI(ML) Red Star has developed the program and path of PDR according to present conditions, developed the orientation for further developing the party and class and mass movements and successfully convened the Tenth Party Congress.

It is in continuation to the revolutionary enthusiasm created by the successful 10th Congress of the Party, the Central Committee has called to Observe 25th May, the Naxalbari Day, with the central slogan: Carry Forward Agrarian Revolution; Bring Revolution Back to the agenda with revolutionary enthusiasm all over the country !
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