Make March to Naxalbari on 25th May a Great Success

05 May 2017
CPI(ML) RED STAR calls upon all revolutionary and democratic forces to make the March to Naxalbari on 25th May on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Naxalbari Uprising with the slogans: Not to Revisionism and Individual Terrorism; Uphold Naxalbari Uprising and Advance Towards People’s Democracy; Resist Corporatization of Agriculture, Fight for Land to the Tillers; and Naxalbari Means Masses Create History a great success. In the context of the people’s movement at Bhangar which is spreading to more areas and attracting large sections of peasantry, students, youth and intellectuals, and in the context of numerous spontaneous people’s movements emerging in different parts of the country challenging the corporate-communal raj of Modi and the state satraps, the party calls for spreading the message of Naxalbari Uprising and its relevance all over the country.

The Naxalbari Uprising took place in May, 1967, at a serious turn in Indian history, when two decades after the transfer of power in 1947 people’s living conditions and democratic values were getting deteriorated. When we are observing the 50th anniversary of Naxalbari Uprising, failing to correctly analyze and combat the aggressive march of US led imperialists and their lackeys, the communist movement has suffered severe setbacks internationally and within the country. Both right opportunist and anarchist deviations within the communist movement have led to its serious weakening and alienation from the people. Utilizing this situation, while Trump like right extremists are coming to power in US and other imperialist countries, the communal fascist forces led by RSS parivar have succeeded to come to power at center and in many states in our country. When it is continuously consolidating its position, other ruling class parties from Congress to TMC in W. Bengal and others have degenerated so much to communal appeasement and corporate servitude to neoliberal policies that instead of challenging this Modi offensive, they are indirectly helping it through their activities. As a result, the danger of corporatization and fascicisation is increasing day by day.

It is in this context the significance of Bhangar like people’s movements and the efforts of the communist revolutionary forces to get united to build a powerful communist party capable of challenging the corporate-fascist forces and achieving social change should be seen. The March to Naxalbari on 25th May is a significant step to promote these efforts.

We appeal to all communist forces, to all progressive, democratic, secular forces, to the working class and the peasantry, to all oppressed classes and sections including dalits, adivasis and women, the students and youth to come forward to participate in the March to Naxalbari and make it a great success.

Let us march forward to achieve basic social change, which means democratization of all fields and development based on sustainability and equality, to ensure the establishment of a caste-less, secular people’s democracy with socialist orientation. 
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.