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30 May 2017
COMRADES from different states have already started their March to Naxalbari from different martyr columns, remembering all those who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of the country from colonial slavery, feudal exploitation and against present neo-colonial domination manifested as extreme economic plunder, deprivation and segmentation under intensifying corporate-communal raj. The fifty years of Naxalbari Uprising is observed by the communist revolutionaries along with the toiling masses when the class struggle at international and national level has reached very serious stage, with the ultra rightist offensive of the imperialists and their lackeys, calls for all round offensive by the toiling, oppressed classes and sections to overthrow the ruling system. It is in this context, the Central Committee of the party had called on all revolutionary and democratic forces to make the March to Naxalbari on 25th May with the slogans: Not to Revisionism and Individual Terrorism; Uphold Naxalbari Uprising and Advance Towards People’s Democracy; Resist Corporatization of Agriculture, Fight for Land to the Tillers; and Naxalbari Means Masses Create History.

For communists Marxism is not a dogma. For them observation of the fiftieth anniversary of Naxalbari Uprising or the Centenary of October Revolution is not a ritual or should not be made a ritual. These are occasions for evaluating their contributions of these revolutionary leaps for the advancement of human society; an occasion for evaluation of our own experiences during the decades after them. These observations should not be limited to theoretical exercises, but should be used as occasions to highlight the revolutionary practice of the past and present, drawing positive and negative lessons of them. As far as CPI(ML) Red Star is concerned, it is observing the fiftieth anniversary of Naxalbari Uprising as a continuation of the struggle against the right and left deviations waged by it, taking it to its present program, path and practice, including the numerous mass movements practically in all the states where it has its presence. With the people’s movement at Bhangar spreading to more areas and attracting large sections of peasantry besides students, youth and intellectuals, and the numerous people’s movements in different parts of the country challenging the ever intensifying corporate-communal raj in the country, the party’s call for spreading the message of Naxalbari Uprising and its significance has achieved great relevance.

We are happy that we are observing the 50th anniversary of Naxalbari Uprising together with the PCC-CPI(M). The family members of martyr comrades of Bhangar are also participating in the program. Let us march to Naxalbari and make the observance of the 50th anniversary of Naxalbari Uprising a great success with the hope of bringing together the communist revolutionaries, mobilizing the toiling masses more vigorously and making the party capable of marching forward towards people’s democracy and socialism
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