Rally with Dalits under Attack at Saharanpur

02 June 2017
WITH the advent to power of Adityanath led BJP government to power in UP, the Brahminical vigilantes are further emboldened to attack not only minorities; but they are attacking dalits also fiercely, though during elections they were applauded as part of Hindutva. Though the Modi leadership is trying to assimilate Dr. Ambedkar superficially, the Thakurs in Saharanpur are counterposing Rana Pratap to him and for trying to erect a statue of Ambedkar the dalits are attacked, their houses burnt, and terrorized in all ways. Though the neo-brahminical elite sections of dalits like Ram Vilas Paswan and Udit Raj are assimilated by the RSS parivar, the masses of dalits are hated and attacked since they refuse to bow down to their wishes. The Brahminical forces are not prepared to accept Ambedkar’s call for annihilation of the caste system. Incidents in Una in Gujarat to Saharanpur in UP are not isolated ones, Under Manuvadi rulers they are bound to increase. All progressive forces should rally with the dalits, adivasis and all oppressed classes and sections for intensifying the movement for annihilating the caste system, clubbing it with the struggle for land, housing and livelihood
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