02 June 2017
SOON after the massive Raj Bhavan march on 8th May, the goonda bahini of ex MLA of TMC, Arabul Islam, supported by the police are engaged in all nefarious moves to terrorize and attack the people violating the assurances given by the DM on 19th April to the delegation which met him following the people’s march to his office. He had assured that the villagers going outside will not be arrested and nobody will be tortured. But from 12th morning the goonda bahini of Arabul Islam supported by the police started attacking the villager after the police arrested one more villager, Kismat Ali when he went to sell mangoes in the Polerhat market. The miscreants and police are joining hands to disturb the peaceful ongoing peasants struggle against power grid. Later on 12th two villagers, Golam Mustafa of Machibhanga and Akbar Molla of Bokdhobha, were kidnapped whose whereabouts were not known till night. In the evening the goons attacked the villages with bombs and guns. Many villagers were wounded as the miscreants exploded the bombs. In this situation the Bhangar People’s Committee called on the villagers to get ready to protect the villages. The ruling party supported miscreants were firing and hurling bombs on struggling villagers.

The people succeeded to resist and to compel the miscreants to back out by evening. Following this the barricades were strengthened around all villages. But on 13th morning Arabul Islam with the goons attacked again, removing the barricades and entering the villages by exploding bombs. After many hours of resistance by the villagers the miscreants had to retreat by the evening. But the Committee and the people are fearing about more attacks in the nights as none of the top police officers are reacting against these rowdy acts. Even the media people found that the police officers are not even receiving their calls. The collusion between the police and the goons is very clear. The rampage is started with the support of the government. It is like declaring a war against the people.

The Raj Bhavan March on 8th May reflected the broad unity of the struggling left forces, the solidarity committee members, the democratic forces and all parliamentary parties except TMC and BJP in support of the five point demands put forward by the Bhangar Committee. In spite of it the TMC government and its chief minister who are claiming their opposition to BJP government at centre and claiming to form a broad alliance against it are working like its lackeys to impose the central Power Grid over the people, even violating the existing procedures to be followed before going for such projects

CPI(ML) Red Star appeals to all progressive forces, democrats and political parties who support the five point demand of the Bhangar people to come out against the unleashing of barbaric attacks by the goons of TMC leader Arabul Islam with the connivance of police and against the goonda raj of Mamta Banerjee government. Pressure should be mounted on the state government and central authorities to scrap the Power Grid, to release all arrested leaders and activists, to withdraw all cases, to scrap UAPA, and to control all communal forces.
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.