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09 August 2017
THE fifty years of Naxalbari Uprising was observed by the Communist Revolutionaries all over the country on 25th May, thousands of them also marching to the memorial for the 11 comrades at Naxalbari who sacrificed their life when the state forces unleashed terror and fired on the people who were gathering for the rally. It was after remembering the comrades who have died fighting British colonialists, and then the big capitalist-big landlord state which followed, or during the state repression, the comrades had started the march to Naxalbari. After Naxalbari Uprising, when the anti-people state was challenged and the communist revolutionaries made valiant efforts to advance the People’s Democratic Revolution, during last five decades hundreds of comrades lost their life, had to face barbarous torture and incarceration. Large number of the leading comrades including the first general secretary of the CPI(ML) also became martyrs. This glorious struggle to put an end to the rule of the reactionary ruling classes is continuing in our country in different forms and many more are becoming martyrs. During the numerous mass movements resisting the ruling class policies also comrades are tortured, jailed, fake encountered and killed. As the struggles are continuing unabated, sacrifices are also taking place. So remembering the martyrs is a source of inspiration to the tens of millions who are continuing the still unfinished struggle for people’s democracy and socialism.

It is with this spirit, every year on 28th July, the day com. Charu Majumdar became a martyr in Lal Bazar police headquarters at Kolkata, the thousands of known and unknown martyrs who sacrificed their life for people’s power and social justice are remembered. Let us observe 28th July this year also as martyrs day at all India level remembering the martyrs and all those who suffered under state terror from the time of the valiant struggles against British imperialism, with the pledge to continue the struggle to realize the dreams they cherished.
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