09 August 2017
AFTER three years of NDA rule led by Narendra Modi, under ever intensifying corporatization and commercialization of all fields the attacks on people’s economic needs and livelihood, and on environment have reached unprecedented levels. While unemployment is rapidly increasing, vast majority of people are deprived of even whatever welfare measures they were hitherto enjoying. The neoliberal policies are imposed at breakneck speed, impoverishing the masses. Along with these the RSS parivar is using vigilantes to terrorise the minorities and oppressed sections. Altogether, state terror is intensified, denying even basic democratic rights. These BJP actions are influencing the state governments led by opposition parties also increasingly. It is corporate-communal fascist regime in all respects, increasing its stranglehold day by day.

The resentment against these policies imposed by the central and state governments is getting manifested in numerous people’s struggles in all regions. The farmers’ struggle for loan waivers and minimum support prize for their produces is spreading to almost all states. So also many people’s movements against the imposition of neoliberal policies. Against commercialization of education, healthcare like sectors, privatization of even whatever public sector enterprises are still left, against erosion of all federal principles, intensifying state terror etc the people’s resentment and resistance are increasing.

In short, the intensification of corporatization and communal fascist attacks are facing increasing opposition. But the parliamentary opposition, because of its own subservience to neoliberal polices and communal-caste appeasement is incapable of mobilizing the popular resentment to challenge the RSS parivar forces. On the contrary, many among these are shifting loyalty to the Modi government. The imperialist compradorism and the Brahminical offensive are advancing as a result. The CPI(M) led Left Front is also compromising with the ruling system. None of them have any alternative to put forward against the Modi band wagon.

This situation demands a people’s alternative which totally rejects the corporate-communal regime, which stands for democratization of the society towards achieving people’s power, which aims at a casteless-secular society and which strives for people oriented, sustainable development paradigm. Such an alternative calls for struggling unity of left, democratic, dalit, adivasi forces and all oppressed classes and sections. In many of the people’s movements coming up in different parts of the country such a unity and orientation are emerging. Let us strive hard to bring these forces together to build the people’s alternative, giving increasing emphasis to non-parliamentary struggles, and at the same time providing an effective parliamentary alternative to the ruling class system which is leading the country to a social, political, economic and environmental
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.