Cannot We Make Gujarat a Laboratory for People’s Alternative?

03 September 2017
BJP is going to complete 26 years of uninterrupted rule in Gujarat by the time next assembly elections are going to take place there in three months. This state is made a laboratory of BJP’s model which is exported to other states. But BJP is flourishing amidst the 2002 carnage, dalit lynching, hate politics, corporatization, corruption and growing people’s miseries. Resentment is spreading as the numerous people’s movements during the last five years reveal. Still, it arrogantly claims another victory as its main opponent in the state, Congress is getting weakened daily due to infighting and divisions as the defection of its MLAs and the drama preceding the elections to Rajya Sabha seats from the state shows. It has nothing left to recapture the attention of the masses. In the coming elections the Congress will not be able to put up any active opposition to BJP.

It is in this situation, even to wake up the people for an all out offensive against BJP, the progressive forces should come forward to unite all struggling anti-BJP forces including dalits, adivasis, minorities, workers, peasants etc, around a common minimum program based People’s Alternative to challenge the BJP, promoted by the fascist RSS parivar forces. A vigorous contest fielding candidates in areas where people’s movements have taken place and state-wide campaign with the call to defeat BJP shall awaken the masses. In this way progressive democratic forces can turn Gujarat in to a laboratory of political struggle against the corporate-communal fascist raj of BJP. Such an initiative shall wake up all anti-BJP forces from slumber to fight against it. We appeal to all progressive forces to make all out efforts to build such a People’s Alternative and turn the coming elections an opportunity to weaken the arrogant fascist advances of the RSS parivar.
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