Confronted by US Aggression North Korea Has Right to Defend Its Sovereignty

02 October 2017
PRIME MINISTER Narendra Modi, in the company of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, has called on North Korea to shut down its nuclear and missile programs. Before making such arrogant statements, they should have thought twice. Will they accept such dictums from leaders of any countries to their own countries to do so?

What Modi and Abe have made is nothing but a repetition of the US imperialist demand to North Korea, the demand of a brutish super power which has armed South Korea to its teeth and threatening that North Korea will be wiped out if it develops its own nuclear and missile capacity to defend itself.

When it is facing such a US threat and when its goal of Korean unification which vast majority of Korean people cherish is thwarted, has not North Korea as a sovereign country the right to go ahead with its nuclear and missile programs as India and Japan, or for that matter any other country, are also doing?

North Korea has repeatedly stated that it will utilize its nuclear arms and missiles only in self-defence. Is US prepared to make such a declaration. Can Russia, China like countries in the UN Security Council or India or Japan convince US to make such a declaration, before supporting UN sanctions against a small country like North Korea?

In other words, all these countries are kow-towing to US bullishness. Including US, none of these countries in the Security Council are prepared for a total banning of all forms of nuclear arms and missile systems. They want to lord over the world using them and dictate to North Korea like countries to shut down nuclear arms and missiles. No country can accept such bullish dictates.

By repeating the US dictums against North Korea in the company of imperialist Japan, Modi government has acted against the hitherto foreign policy of this country. His actions should be condemned and rejected outright by all progressive forces
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