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Expose and Oppose the Bullet Train Project

02 October 2017
THE signing of the 1.1 lakh crore, 508 kms. Bullet Train Project connecting Ahmedabad with Mumbai, the Modi govt. has gone against its own ‘make in India’ claims. It is a project almost fully financed by Japan with its full technological control. It is a glaring fact that this project is going to help the crisis ridden and stagnant Japanese economy more than it helps the urgent problems in India, including mass transportation of people at affordable rates.

Before signing such a treaty to build the Bullet Train, it was the responsibility of Modi’s govt. to give more priority to rectify the glitches in the very busy 500 kms long Kanpur-Delhi railway line, which delays dozens of trains every day by 4 hours, or to provide safe rail travel to its tens of millions who often travel even on top of the compartments due to unimaginable rush in the compartments. Even when Modi is glamourizing the Bullet Train project, it is a fact that it is not going to lessen the problems of the already highly overburden Ahmedabad-Mumbai railway line. In this situation, do we need such a bullet train project which will displace millions of farmers and workers, which will further devastate the ecology? This anti-people project should be exposed and opposed.
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