Condemn Modi Regime’s Saffronisation of Rohingya Refugee Question!

02 October 2017
Raise Voice against Suppression of Rohingya People by Myanmar Government! Demand Refugee Status for Rohingya in India!

MODI REGIME’S treatment of Rohingya refugees who are described by the UN as “the world’s most persecuted minority today” is highly repugnant. The Myanmar government is led by Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. Its treatment of this people is grotesquely selective. It goes against her past championing of human rights. Her complicity in these crimes against humanity is explicit. Her government is now unleashing armed forces on Rohingyas and cracking them down with the backing of Buddhist extremists. It is thereby committing genocide with incessant reports of murder, rape and torture resulting in an unprecedented massive exodus of around 3, 50, 000 Rohingyas to neighbouring countries from Myanmar’s Rakhine state. In this context, Modi’s studied silence and hands-off approach on the Rohingya crisis in his just concluded visit of Myanmar and his reluctance to impress upon the Suu Kyi regime the need to have a humane treatment of the persecuted Rohingyas are condemnable. It is very revealing that he minced no words in issuing a joint statement along with Suu Kyi in slamming “terrorism” while remaining silent on the plight of this people as the Budhist exremists are intensifying their torturous attacks.

Meanwhile, the Indian government has already communalized even the treatment of refugees. It is now engaged in deporting around 40,000 Rohingyan refugees who face genocide and ethnic cleansing by the Myanmar regime, which is stubbornly rejecting even UN’s demands to take them back as citizens. The Indian government which continues to host “Hindu refugees” from Pakistan and Afghanistan and other countries and which has more than two million people as refugees according to UN Refugee Agency, justifies this deportation and its step-motherly attitude to Rohingyas by arguing that their continued presence would encourage Islamic terrorism in the country. It is to be noted that this planned deportation of refugees based on their ethnicity and religion is a blatant violation of international conventions.

In this context, CPI (ML) Red Star severely condemns Modi government’s forcible eviction of the Rohingyas from India and appeals to all democratic forces and like-minded sections to come forward to expose its saffronization of even the refugee problem. It calls for exposing and defeating this heinous move.
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