Tamilnadu: People’s Convention on Neutrino Project

05 July 2015
A PEOPLE’S CONVENTION against the super-imposition of the proposed neutrino project on the people inTheni district of Tamil Nadu adjacent to Iddukki district in Kerala was successfully held at Hotel Theni International on May 24. The convention, attended by leaders of revolutionary organizations, people’s movements and activists from Tamil Nadu and Kerala, was presided over by Com R. Duraisamy, Secretary, CPI (ML) Red Star, Tamil Nadu State Committee. Com. Nagaraj, Theni District Secretary of the Party, welcomed the gathering.

Com P J James, coordinator, Coordination Committee of People’s Movements for the Protection of Western Ghats, inaugurated the convention. N P Kumar, convener, Western Ghats Movement, Tamil Nadu, John Peruvanthanam, chairman, Western Ghats Movement, Kerala, Com. Thankapandian and Com. MuthuSelvi of CPI (ML) Mass Liberation, Com. P N Provint, Com. Kuselar and Com Venketesh of CPI (ML) Red Star, Com T K Vasu, Western Ghats Movement, Kerala, Com. Visakh, Tamil Nadu Marxist Party and Raju Xavier, a peasant activist from Iddukki addressed the convention.

The resolution unanimously adopted by the People’s Convention resolved to approach the Neutrino Project with a pro-nature and pro-people approach to science and development. Among other things, it criticized the arrogance and bureaucratic/techno-centric attitude displayed by the INO management and the non-transparent manner in which the neutrino project is superimposed on the people, and demanded that the authorities disclose all details pertaining to the project after conducting a proper Environment and Social Impact Assessment study with the involvement of people who would be adversely affected by the project. The resolution exhorted all progressive and democratic forces to wholeheartedly join the struggling people of Theni and nearby districts so as to compel the authorities to reconsider the neutrino project from a people-centered perspective on science and development.

The convention decided to form a seven-member Struggle Committee with Com Visakh as chairman and Com Nagaraj as convener to deal with the whole issue connected with the neutrino project and carry forward campaigns and struggles uniting with all like-minded forces
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