TUCI Takes on University Administration

04 July 2015
THE struggle of casual workers at University of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur (UAS-R), under the leadership of TUCI, reached a peak this week. The TUCI-affiliated ‘Association of UAS-R Casual Labourers’ has long alleged irregularities in employment of causal labourers, misappropriation of public funds and violation of labour laws in the university. One of the most serious allegations is defalcation to the tune of Rs25.47 croresin fake wages by the University authorities. On June 3, the UAS-R Vice Chancellor Dr. P.M. Salimath, Director (Education) and former Vice Chancellor Dr. B.V. Patil and Registrar Dr. D.M. Chandargi publicly denied the charges brought forward by the workers’ organization. The Association of UAS-R Casual Labourers immediately responded with a press conference on June 4, which was addressed by labour leader and CPI(ML) Red Star Politburo member Comrade R. Manasayya. T. Basavaraj, P. Eeshappa, Prabhuraya and other labour leaders were present.

Declaring that the University’s present and former Vice Chancellors and Registrar were misleading the public by distorting and misinterpreting the facts, Com Manasayya stated: “We stand our ground and reiterate our allegations of irregularities in management of casual labourers, violation of labour laws and misappropriation of public funds at UAS-R with documentary support.” “Let the authorities reveal why they did not follow the Karnataka Transparency in Public Procurement Act between 2009 and 2014 for supplying labourers to the University,” he demanded. Pointing out that the former Vice Chancellor B.V. Patil was most to be blamed for his involvement in widespread irregularities and misappropriation of public funds during his tenure, he said that it was up to the present Vice Chancellor to lodge a complaint with the police against Patil.

Com Manasayya declared that his organisation would shortly move JMFC Court in Raichur seeking a CBI investigation into allegations against UAS-R administration, particularly against Dr. Patil. “We have already written to the Principal Secretary, Department of Agriculture, demanding CBI probe into the irregularities and misappropriation of funds. If we don’t receive any response within 15 days, we will approach Court,” he said.

The Casual Labourers’ Association also demanded a joint investigation into the allegations by a team comprising representatives of Labour Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, UAS-R administration, Casual Labourers’ Association and auditors. “We are ready for the cross-checking exercise. Let the UAS-R facilitate it. Let the Government order a CBI probe if the irregularities and misappropriation are detected in this preliminary exercise,” labour leaders declared at the press conference.
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